Luna Nera Season 1’s Ending Explained – Here’s What Could Happen In Season 2

WARNING: There are SPOILERS for Luna Nera Season 1 and its ending in this article.

There’s a new show on Netflix which I think is well worth a watch. It’s called Luna Nera and Season 1’s now available to stream on Netflix.

OK, so if you’re reading this article, then you’ve probably watched the new Italian Netflix show already and are desperate to know what might happen in Season 2.

Luna Nera Season 1 ended on a real cliffhanger and I can only speak for myself when I say that I was desperate to know more about the show.

It’s only six episodes long, so it’s not a massif time sync, and there’s a lot to like about Luna Nera.

First off, it’s about witches, but these aren’t the horrific brand of witches you see in a lot of Hollywood movies.

No, the witches in Luna Nera are just women with powers who are trying to help people.

Luna Nera Season 1’s ending has us asking questions


Luna Nera Season 1 on Netflix is pretty interesting

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However, people fear what they don’t understand and it quickly all goes downhill when a baby dies during childbirth.

Luna Nera’s main character, Ade (played by Nina Fotaras) and her grandmother are trying to help a mother give birth.

However, Ade senses that the baby had died during childbirth, and then the mother brands them as witches.

She claims they’ve killed her baby, and Ade and her grandmother have to go in hiding.

This is where things take a massive turn, because it turns out that Ade’s grandmother is indeed a witch, and Ade discovers that she has powers too.

To cut a long story short, Luna Nera Season 1 ends with Ade discovering that her younger brother was, in fact, her sister.

She, not Ade, is the truly powerful one, and Ade ends the first series of the show about to embark on a dark journey.

Ade’s going down a dark path

Luna-Nera-Netflix-ending-season 2

Luna Nera’s ending is a bit of an open book – Credit: Netflix

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During the first season of Luna Nera, the local town does everything they can to capture and kill these witches.

They have their own group of ‘witch hunters’ lead by a man called Sante (Giandomenico Cupaiuolo), who’s hellbent on catching every single witch and killing them all.

It turns out this his group of witch hunters answer to a higher power, a priest called Marzio Oreggi.

He’s the real evil guy in the first season of Luna Nera, and it turns out that he’s searching for the book of spells that was hidden and Ade’s house.

He also used to live with the witches during his youth and he murdered the head witch because she didn’t want to teach him.

So, Luna Nera Season 1 ends with Ade going bad and basically succumbing to the dark side of witchcraft after she learns the truth about her brother.

Her brother, now her sister (yeah, get your head around that one), is now leading the witches and I think Luna Nera Season 2 will see Ade and her sibling go up against one another.

Will Ade open up the portal to Hell in Luna Nera Season 2?


Luna Nera is a show I think you should watch – Credit: Netflix

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Before the very end of Luna Nera Season 1, Ade also kills Sante in order to save her brother.

However, Sante also happens to be the father of the man he loves.

So, as far as Ade’s concerned, she’s now lost everything. Her lover, her brother and she’s realised she’s not the special one they all claimed she was.

No wonder she’s pissed at the witches and at the witch hunters.

Season 2 of Luna Nera will surely see her former lover, Pietro (Giovanni Belli) try to kill Ade for murdering his father in front of him.

If Netflix ends up greenlighting the second season, which I really hope they do, it sounds like all Hell will break loose.

In the first season, the witches claim that the portal to the world of the dead is about to be opened, and I think this is what might happen in Season 2.

Ade’s powers are pretty vague, but it seems like she can talk to the dead, and she can see the dead passing over.

So, she might have a huge role to play in opening the portal to the world of the dead, which means all Hell will break loose in Season 2.

Luna Nera is better than The Witcher

Witches are back in Luna Nera Season 1

Witches are back in Luna Nera Season 1 – Credit: Netflix

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She’ll probably also go in search for Oreggi whom I believe is her father, and he will teach her how do open said portal.

Honestly, the series has flaws, loads of them, but I really enjoyed it.

I would go as far to say that it’s a better fantasy show than The Witcher, which I thought was pretty naff to be honest.

Maybe the fact that’s it in Italian helps because I couldn’t really tell whether they were delivering their lines properly.

That said, even to me, some of the dialogue sounded a bit wooden.

That aside, I would recommend you watch the show, but as I mentioned earlier, if you’re reading this article, then you probably already have done.

What do you think will happen in Luna Nera Season 2, and what did you make of the first season’s ending?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. pamphilia

    Correction: Ade’s beloved is Pietro, played by Giovanni Belli. I’d love to see Cesaria (now spurned by Pietro) join the Lost Cities coven. Also, I think the show did a great job of keeping Valente’s identity secret without hiding it either–the young actress who plays Valente/Luxor is listed in the credits to every episode but there is no cast list with corresponding character names. That said, if you google “Giada Gagliardi” you can see that she’s the (very talented) girl who plays Valente/Luxor.

  2. Anon

    Fix your typo, please. It is hard to keep reading an article when just a few short paragraphs in you come across a winner like “massif” instead of massive.

  3. Anon

    Totally not better than the witcher. It it is a great show too, though. I described the show as cliche and unoriginal (but had very likeable characters) for nearly every epispode, as it had all the tropes most stories do these days. However, the twist at the end was wonferful. Hope they do a season 2!!

  4. Ana

    At times the plot was so stale and unbelievable I kept rolling my eyes non-stop. The logic behind the character’s actions was inconsistent at best and totally foolish at worst. The way the witches immediately forgot about the supposedly most important book in the world and fled the scene the second it dropped on the ground was one of the most ludicrous things ever written. Pietro proposed to Ade knowing her what, 3 days, and kept going back and forth between love till death do us part and forgetting about her completely. The only thing that redeemed this show to me was it being Italian because I’m a sucker for this language and the scene during the eclipse, that was trully beautiful. You must be out of your mind to even compare this to the Witcher, but to call it better than the Witcher is simply ridiculous.

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