Will Lucifer Season 5 See God Stalk The Devil? Episode 13’s Title Hints That He Will

Lucifer Season 5 is soon going to be upon us and people are desperate to know what’s going to happen in the show’s final season.

Lucifer’s writers’ room seems to be taking great pleasure out of teasing the show’s fans on Twitter.

They’ve spent the last few months teasing the episode titles of Lucifer Season 5.

We’ve already had a few titles and this has lead to many fans coming up with their own fan theories on what will happen.

However, one of their latest cryptic episode title clues may have stumped a few people.

They certainly stumped me. That said, some much clever Lucifer fans than me may have worked something out.

Here’s what Lucifer writers’ room teased on Twitter: “and the #Lucifer 513 title tease is: A *i**** *a****** S******* by @julia_fontana and @JenG1221.”

What will God be up to in Lucifer Season 5?


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OK, so as far as I was concerned, I had no idea what Episode 13’s title could be.

However, some fans of the show have come up with some really plausible titles.

One of these titles suggests that God might end up stalking his son on Earth in Lucifer Season 5.

One person on Twitter suggested the episode’s title could be, “A little harmless stalking”.

It was then revealed by the writers’ room that Episode 13 would exactly that, which was a pretty good guess as far as that Lucifer fan’s concerned.

Lucifer Season 5 is going to feature a bit of stalking


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It remains to be seen whether God will be stalking his son or the other way round.

Lucifer might end up stalking his father after spotting him on Earth.

There are so many possibilities on what could happen in the final season of the show.

What do you think will happen in Lucifer Season 5?

Let us know in the comments below.

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