Fans On Social Media Think Louis Theroux Was In A Fight

There’s a video making the rounds on Twitter in which a man who looks a bit like documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux is in a fight with another man.

This video was originally posted by Leo Senpai on Twitter and it was then when Louis Theroux fans started to notice that one of the men in the fight looked a lot like the documentary filmmaker.

Louis Theroux is now trending on Twitter and it’s because of this video.

One of the men, the man who eventually wins the fight, does look a lot like Theroux.

He’s tall, lanky and wears glasses a lot like Theroux’s.

It turns out that this guy has some serious skill.

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to end up in a fight with him after watching this video.

Check out Louis Theroux lookalike win a fight

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As for what the real Louis Theroux’s been up to, he’s been talking a bit of about the Netflix docuseries Tiger King.

He’s talking about it because he did a documentary a few years back in which he interviewed Joe Exotic.

It’s actually on Netflix if you’re interested in watching it.

The episode is called Beware of the Tiger and it’s a truly great episode in which Theroux meets people who own and keep dangerous animals.

Of course, Joe Exotic was one of the people he interviewed and they spoke a bit about Carol Baskin (Joe won’t shut up about her).

What do you make of this?

Are you a fan of Louis Theroux’s documentaries?

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