The Batman Star Reveals Matt Reeves’ Film Will Be Much Darker Than Other Batman Movies

It’s been revealed by The Batman star, Andy Serkis, that Matt Reeves’ upcoming DC Comics movie will be much darker than previous Batman films.

Andy Serkis will be playing Alfred Pennyworth in The Batman.

Alfred is Batman, a.k.a. Bruce Wayne’s Butler/legal guardian.

He’s the man who has to patch him up when Bruce come home batter and bruised after a night of crime-fighting.

It can’t be an easy thing for him to do, and it looks like Matt Reeves’ Batman film is going to be very dark.

Serkis revealed this during a recent interview with LadBible.

Andy Serkis has said The Batman will be a much darker Batman movie than the rest


Andy Serkis will be playing Alfred in The Batman – Credit: Getty

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When Serkis was asked whether fans could expect a ‘darker, broodier’ Batman, the former Lord of The Rings star laughed.

He then said: “I would say that’s not far from the truth.

“It’s very much about the emotional connection between Alfred and Bruce. That’s really at the centre of it. And it is a really exquisite script that Matt has written.”

During the interview, he also opened up about following an actor like Michael Cain, who played the role in the Christopher Nolan Batman films.

[Michael Caine] was fantastic. His Alfred was legendary, I couldn’t even begin to go there, really. You find it for yourself. It’s like playing these iconic roles in Shakespeare, you go back, you revisit them and you have to make it your own, and see what it is about he character that connects with you and your personal venn diagram.

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