Loki Episode 2’s Credits Reveal The Villain’s True Identity


Yep. So it seems as though Loki’s villain isn’t actually Lady Loki, as many fans thought it might be.

Right, before we continue, I have to warn you that there are potential SPOILERS for Loki in this article.

No. It seems as though Loki Episode 2’s credits accidentally revealed that the show’s real villain is called Sylvie.

This was spotted by many fans who then posted screengrabs of the episode’s credits in which this spoiler was revealed on Twitter.

It was actually revealed via the show’s credits for its international dubbed versions.

The credits revealed that the Variant Loki and the TVA were chasing is actually called Sylvie.

So, who is Sylvie? Well, in the comics, she’s called Sylvie Lushton – who also goes by the name of Enchantress.

It makes so much sense having Enchantress be the villain and I think that she is going to be giving Loki a real run for his money in this Marvel series.

Loki Episode 2’s credits revealed that Lady Loki isn’t the show’s real villain

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So, what could this mean for the future of Loki and its villain?

Well, it really seems as though she’s got a much bigger plan here.

Episode 2 seemed to indicate that she’s responsible for the timeline going all crazy.

She might be the one who is responsible for the Multiverse being opened up.

Her masquerading as Lady Loki also makes some sense because it was a way for her to get the TVA to chase her.

I really love this twist and I can’t wait for the next episode of Loki to be released.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to seeing what happens in Loki?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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