Logan’s Dafne Keen Reveals There Were Plans To Make An X-23 Spinoff Movie

It’s been revealed by Logan star Dafne Keen that there were plans at 20th Century Fox to make an X-23 spinoff movie. This news was revealed by Keen herself during a recent interview with Elle whilst promoting His Dark Materials Season 2.

I think I’ve said this a couple of times before on Small Screen, but I’ll say it again. Logan is one of my very favourite comic book movies of all time. I actually think it might be one of my favourite movies of all time. It’s definitely in my top 20.

Dafne Keen played Laura Kinney in that movie, who also goes by the name of X-23 in the comics. She was just brilliant in the film, and she recently revealed that there were plans to make an X-23 spinoff movie. This was when 20th Century Fox still owned the rights to the character. They are now owned by Disney and back with Marvel Studios.

Dafne Keen reveals that there were plans to make an X-23 spinoff movie at 20th Century Fox

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Credit: 20th Century Fox

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Here’s what Dafne Keen had to say about that Logan spinoff movie which would have focused on her becoming X-23:

I got told by some people at Fox that there might be another one, but this was ages ago when we were filming, and they haven’t contacted me ever again. I feel like we’re just at the beginning, there’s more to be told, and it’s a relay race. I come into play when they’ve already written and done pre-production and decided on doing the film, so as soon as they say, ‘go,’ I’ll happily go whenever.

What do you make of this news? Would you have liked to have seen an X-23 spinoff movie starring Dafne Keen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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