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The Kristen Stewart Horror Thriller On Netflix That Might Get A Sequel


In an unexpected twist that has horror fans and cinephiles alike perched on the edge of their seats, whispers from the deep suggest that Kristen Stewart’s gripping underwater horror thriller, Underwater, might just be surfacing for a sequel. Released to a mix of anticipation and acclaim, Stewart’s foray into the aquatic abyss left audiences both thrilled and chilled, proving once again her versatility and commitment to diving deep into complex characters, quite literally this time.

Underwater, which debuted on Netflix after its initial theatrical release, showcases Stewart as part of a crew of underwater researchers who encounter more than they bargained for at the bottom of the ocean. The film, known for its claustrophobic atmosphere and heart-stopping moments, has since garnered a cult following, with many praising Stewart’s performance as a standout. Now, director William Eubank hinted at a potential return to the murky depths, teasing fans with the possibility of exploring even darker corners of the ocean floor during an interview with

Diving Back In: The Potential Sequel


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Why a Sequel?

The original Underwater film left many stones unturned and depths unexplored. With its blend of sci-fi and horror, the movie carved out a niche that intrigued audiences and critics alike. The potential for a sequel offers a tantalizing opportunity to delve further into the unknown, bringing back Stewart’s character for another suspense-filled expedition.

What We Know So Far

While details remain as elusive as the creatures lurking in the film’s shadowy trenches, Eubank’s enthusiasm for the project suggests a rich tapestry of new threats and challenges. The narrative possibilities are as vast as the ocean itself, promising a sequel that could explore environmental themes, the resilience of the human spirit, and, of course, more heart-thumping encounters with the deep sea’s most terrifying inhabitants.

Here’s what Eubank had to say on the matter:

We always talk about it. I hope someday, I really hope someday. We built so many things in that movie that you just don’t see that are so cool, from all the dredges that lift all of the stuff that they’re mining to the surface and these huge, almost like drone supertankers that are down there. There’s so much cool sh-t, man. I hope someday we get to, because the world is really big and really fun. It’s tough. Anytime you go underwater, it’s expensive, so who knows? We’ll see what happens someday.

Kristen Stewart: From Indie Darling to Horror Heroine

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A Career of Bold Choices

Kristen Stewart’s career is a testament to her fearless approach to acting. From indie darlings to blockbuster franchises, Stewart has consistently chosen roles that challenge both herself and her audience. Underwater is no exception, with her portrayal of Norah Price serving as a reminder of her ability to anchor a film with intensity and depth.

The Significance of Underwater in Stewart’s Filmography

Underwater stands out in Stewart’s filmography as a project that pushed her into new territory. The physical and emotional demands of the role showcased her commitment to her craft and her ability to lead a high-stakes, high-intensity thriller. A sequel would not only expand on this foundation but also solidify Stewart’s position as a versatile powerhouse in Hollywood.

Looking to the Horizon


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As the buzz around a potential Underwater sequel grows, so does anticipation for what Stewart and Eubank might conjure up next. The original film’s blend of existential dread and survival drama tapped into a vein of horror that resonates with contemporary audiences. A sequel, with its promise of new dangers and deeper dives, has the potential to elevate this connection, offering a fresh wave of thrills and chills.

Final Thoughts on Kristen Stewart doing Underwater 2


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The possibility of an Underwater sequel sends ripples of excitement across the surface of the horror genre. With Kristen Stewart at the helm, the project promises to blend psychological depth with the visceral terror of the deep. As fans of Stewart and the original film hold their breath, the prospect of returning to the ocean’s darkest depths with one of Hollywood’s most compelling actors is a beacon of light in the murky waters of future film releases.

Whether or not these whispers from the deep come to fruition, one thing is clear: Kristen Stewart’s journey into the heart of cinematic horror is far from over. As we await official confirmation, the anticipation only adds to the mystique of what lies beneath, both for Stewart’s career and the Underwater saga.

What do you make of this news? Would you like to see a sequel to Stewart’s movie? We’d love to hear from you.

You can stream Underwater right now on Netflix.