Kit Harington Claims Black Knight Was Never In The Blade Movie


It seems as though the rumours surrounding Kit Harington’s Black Knight turning up in Marvel Studios’ Blade movie weren’t quite accurate. In the world of superheroes, rumours and speculations are as common as capes and secret identities.

The latest buzz in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) involves Kit Harington, known for his role as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, and his character in the MCU, Dane Whitman, also known as the Black Knight. Recently, Harington set the record straight about his character’s involvement in the upcoming Blade movie, and it seems that the Black Knight was never meant to be part of this particular adventure.

This revelation came during a Q&A session at the Superhero Comic Con (via Twitter), where Harington was asked about the future of his character in the MCU. His response has sparked discussions among fans and has shed some light on the mysterious post-credit scene in The Eternals.

The Black Knight and Blade: A Misunderstanding?

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In the post-credit scene of The Eternals, Harington’s character, Dane Whitman, is seen opening a chest containing a magical weapon known as the Ebony Blade. This sword is traditionally wielded by the Black Knight, a hero from the Marvel comics.

The scene ends with Mahershala Ali, who is set to play Blade in the upcoming movie, speaking to Whitman offscreen, asking if he’s ready to wield the sword.

Kit Harington’s Take on the Scene


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Despite the implications of this scene, Harington has stated that his character was never meant to be in the Blade movie. “I know as much as you do,” he said during the Q&A session, adding that while he believes Marvel intended for him to play the Black Knight, there are no immediate plans for his character to return to the MCU.

This revelation has left fans wondering why Blade was included in the scene at all if the Black Knight’s destiny doesn’t lie with the legendary vampire hunter. One theory suggests that Blade’s experience with cursed blood might be linked to the Ebony Blade’s “blood curse”, which consumes part of the wielder’s soul when it sheds blood.

Final Thoughts on Kit Harington’s future as Black Knight in the MCU


Credit: Marvel Studios

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While Harington’s future in the MCU remains uncertain, it’s clear that the Black Knight’s story is far from over. Whether he’ll be mentored by Blade in a future Marvel film or lead his own adventure is yet to be seen. For now, fans can only speculate and wait for official announcements from Marvel. One thing’s for sure, though – the MCU is full of surprises, and the journey of the Black Knight is a mystery we’re all eager to unravel.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing how Black Knight will feature in the future of the MCU? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

end up being released? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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