Kevin Feige’s Secret Star Wars Film Taps Loki Executive Producer Michael Waldron For Writer


Kevin Feige’s super secret Star Wars film has just landed it’s writer, Michael Waldron. And he’s no stranger to working with Kevin Feige.

Deadline is reporting that Michael Waldron has signed an over all deal with Walt Disney Studios. It seems Disney is very happy with his work writing Doctor Strange in the Mulitverse of Madness. As well as being head writer and Executive Producer on the upcoming Disney Plus show Loki.

It must have been a good journey for Waldron and the studio so far as Disney doesn’t hand out these deals to often. Waldron is also expected to come back for season two of Loki in some position.

So what’s up with Kevin Feige’s super secret Star Wars film?

Michael Waldron Joins Kevin Feige’s Star Wars Film As Writer

Marvel Studios Kevin Feige MCU Star Wars

Credit: Disney

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During this years Disney Investor Day (which Edward covered extensively), Kathleen Kennedy announced all the new Star Wars IPs coming out on Disney Plus and in theaters. Sadly, Kevin Feige’s film was not one of them. Feige producing a Star Wars film first started being rumoured right after Avengers: Endgame went bonanza at the box office.

Kathleen Kennedy was looking for a way to take her Star Wars franchise in a new direction after the divisive The Last Jedi and apparently after seeing what Feige has done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she felt he would be perfect.

Not to mention that Feige is a huge self-professed Star Wars fan. It’s right up there with how much he loves the Marvel properties. He’s stated numerous times how he would love to make a Star Wars film. You can see the Star Wars influence on Guardians of Galaxy. And you can see Feige’s influence on The Mandalorian, as we reported before.

Not much else is known about Feige’s Star Wars film, but now that a writer is attached we can expect to hear some more news very soon. I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t just be one film, but a trilogy. It’s Kevin Feige, after all. He made Marvel and Disney a plethora of cash.

No date has been set yet for Kevin Feige’s Star Wars film. Once Doctor Strange in the Mulitverse of Madness and Loki comes out we can get a sense of Michael Waldron’s writing. His past credits include Rick and Morty and Heel. Fun fact: Dan Harmon, one of Rick and Morty’s creators, was called in to rewrite the ending of the original Doctor Strange film. “Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain”.

What do you think of this choice of writer? Are you excited for Kevin Feige’s Super Secret Star Wars film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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