Jon Bernthal’s Punisher To Return In Daredevil: Born Again (EXCLUSIVE)


Jon Bernthal’s Punisher is likely to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in the upcoming Disney Plus Marvel series, Daredevil: Born Again. There have been many reports over the years suggesting that Bernthal will be returning to the MCU, but we didn’t know when and how he would be coming back to play Frank Castle.

Well, it’s now been confirmed to us that he should be returning in the upcoming Daredevil series, which is great to hear. This comes after Rosario Dawson said at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo in August 2022 that Bernthal would be coming back as The Punisher.

During the expo, Dawson said the following:

I found out yesterday The Punisher was happening again, so I feel like it’s my second chance. It’s the only one of those shows I wasn’t in, and I love Jon Bernthal, so let’s all make it happen collectively, guys.

Dawson played Claire Temple in five episodes of the first season of The Punisher series that Bernthal starred in on Netflix and three episodes in the second season. However, after making that statement, Dawson did then state that she heard the news from fans, and it was not an official confirmation on her behalf.

I’m pretty confident that the higher-ups at Disney explained her faux pas because Dawson wasted no time in trying to clear up the matter. Well, it seems now that Dawson did actually know something about Bernthal’s return. Could this mean that Dawson is also returning as her character from the Netflix Marvel shows…? Maybe.

Jon Bernthal’s The Punisher to return in Daredevil: Born Again


Credit: Marvel Studios

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We’ve been trying to figure out what’s happening with The Punisher for quite some time. We had previously been told that Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle was going to be getting his own Disney Plus show. However, it sounds as though Marvel Studios might be looking to bring him back in another show before that show is eventually put into production.

Our source, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Last I heard, Bernthal’s Frank Castle is going to be in Daredevil: Born Again,” after we asked them what was going on with The Punisher in the MCU. However, they then went on to add that it’s still “early days though on that one”, though.

So, it seems as though Marvel Studios and Bernthal are talking and planning Frank Castle’s next appearances in the MCU. It makes sense for him to return in Daredevil: Born Again given the characters’ shared history in the Netflix shows and in the comics.

We already know that the Netflix shows will not be referenced, and it also seems they are no longer considered canon within the MCU. This means that these will be somewhat different versions of the characters that we’ve seen before.

Frank Castle will be coming back to the MCU

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So, all of this is to say that it all seems as though things are looking good for Jon Bernthal’s take on Frank Castle in the MCU. We’ve been left in the dark for so long. However, Bernthal has stated on multiple occasions that he would love to play the role again.

Jon Bernthal has been asked time and time again about a possible return as the violent vigilante, and he did say he’d be interested. He explained his position to The Hollywood Reporter and revealed to them he would love to return as the character. However, his return would only come if the character was handled the way he was initially drawn up.

So I was really grateful, respectful and weary of the places where that role took me and the world in which I had to live in. That being said, that’s where that character needs to be. It needs to be a level of darkness.

I think if there’s any let-up on that character, you do a disservice to the character, to every iteration of the character, to every comic book that’s come before, and to all of the unbelievable fans of the character.

This character means so much to people in the military. So like I said before, it’s not about whether you do the character; it’s about whether you can do it right, and I’m only interested in doing it right.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing Jon Bernthal’s return as Frank Castle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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