Fans Have Spotted A Detail In Todd Phillips’ Joker That Proves He’s Dreaming

After having watched Todd Phillips’ Joker at lot of people, myself included, were wondering whether watch we had just seen really happened or whether it was a figment of Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck’s imagination.

It turns out that one eagle-eyed fan has spotted a key detail in the movie which proves that Arthur is indeed dreaming throughout this movie.

There might be details of his dream that really did occur in the movie, but this detail seems to prove that Phoenix’s character was always in the mental asylum and he never caused a city-wide uprising.

Here’s what the fan, who posted the detail he spotted in a Reddit post, had to say about the moment in question which proves the whole thing was just a dream.

In Joker (2019), as Arthur tells his social worker about when he was locked up in a hospital, there’s a quick cut to Arthur wearing what looks like a straight jacket and he’s banging his head against a window. The clock in both his cell and in the social worker’s office are the same time.

Was Todd Phillips’ Joker all a dream?

Here's all the proof we need that Todd Phillips' Joker was a dream

Here’s all the proof we need that Todd Phillips’ Joker was a dream – Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The fan then accompanied this post with an image of the two clocks in both scenes, and he is indeed correct.

The clocks are at the exact same time, which really does suggest that everything we had watched in Joker was a dream.

This was something I was pretty sure of after having seen the movie, but it’s nice to have this little confirmation.

Now, many of you could be saying that it’s but a coincidence, but a movie of this kind would have set designers, and I’m pretty sure they did this deliberately.

What do you think? Did Todd Phillips’ Joker all take place in Arthur Fleck’s head? Would that make sense?

Let us know in the comments below.

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