John Krasinski Reveals Chris Hemsworth Intimidated Him Before His Captain America Audition

John Krasinski recently revealed how Chris Hemsworth intimidated him whilst he was auditioning for the role of Captain America.

The A Quiet Place director and actor was talking to Ellen about the whole ordeal.

During this conversation, he recounted how Hemsworth had seen him putting on the Captain America costume.

However, Krasinski was so in awe of Hemsworth’s physic that he couldn’t help but feel intimidated.

“That’s very nice to say I auditioned for the same role. I did, the truth is they hadn’t offered it to [Evans] yet,” Krasinski said on Ellen.

“So they were like, ‘Let’s see who else is out there before we offer it to Chris Evans.’ And I went in and I tested for Captain America, got to wear the suit, which was really fun.”

Krasinski then started to tell what he said was a “true story,” the actor/director recalled the empowering moment he suited up as the character:

“I was putting the suit on and the guy was like, ‘This is really momentous.’ And I said, ‘Yes,'” Krasinski said.

“I was putting the suit on, and I was halfway up, and right at that moment, Chris Hemsworth walked by and he was like, ‘You look good, mate!’ I was like, ‘Nope! You know what, it’s fine, we don’t have to do this. Nope, we don’t.’”

John Krasinski was intimidated by Chris Hemsworth

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt might be in a Fantastic Four movie

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt might be in a Fantastic Four movie – Credit: Paramount Pictures

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“He was just jacked. He’s like, ‘You’re gonna look great in that suit!’ I was like, ‘Don’t make fun of me, Hemsworth,'” Krasinski added.

“And so I just walked away right there. No, I didn’t. I acted my heart out that day, and it didn’t work out.”

Krasinski thas pointed out in a previous interview with Total Film how great Chris Evans was in the role.

He also said A Quiet Place would have never happened if he had got the role.

“Well, I know I wouldn’t have done it as well as Chris,” Krasinski recently told Total Film.

“At least I get to see someone good do the role. I’ve actually talked to Chris about it. Not getting it is the freedom I’ve been afforded. Had I got it my directing and writing career never would have happened. Certainly, A Quiet Place never would have happened had I got Captain America.”

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