Jeremy Clarkson To Sign ‘Megabucks’ Deal For 3 More Seasons Of Clarkson’s Farm


In a remarkable turn of events for the renowned television personality, Jeremy Clarkson is reportedly on the verge of signing a lucrative deal with Amazon for three additional seasons of his hit show, Clarkson’s Farm. This news comes as a significant development for Jeremy Clarkson, who has transitioned from being a leading motoring journalist to a celebrated figure in the world of farming entertainment.

Jeremy Clarkson’s Journey from Controversy to Success


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A New Chapter in Clarkson’s Career

From Top Gear to Clarkson’s Farm

Jeremy Clarkson, once synonymous with Top Gear, has reinvented himself with Clarkson’s Farm. The show, which debuted in 2021, has gained immense popularity globally, showcasing Clarkson’s often humorous and challenging journey in farming at Diddly Squat Farm in Oxfordshire.

Overcoming Controversy

Despite facing backlash over his comments about Meghan Markle last year, Clarkson’s farming venture has flourished. His ability to engage audiences with his candid and often comical approach to agriculture has won over viewers, leading to this potential new deal with Amazon.

The Success of Clarkson’s Farm

A Hit Among Viewers

The second season of Clarkson’s Farm emerged as Prime Video’s most-watched original show in the UK, surpassing even the high-budget series The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power. This overwhelming response underscores the show’s unique appeal and Clarkson’s enduring popularity.

Future Seasons’ Focus

The upcoming seasons are set to delve deeper into farming life, with a particular focus on pig farming. Kaleb Cooper, a young farming contractor and a star in his own right on the show, has hinted at Clarkson’s surprising adeptness in this new venture.

The Deal and Its Implications


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The Financials and Future Plans

A Significant Financial Deal

The deal, speculated to be worth at least $250 million, is expected to be announced alongside the streaming of the third season in early 2024. This agreement not only signifies Clarkson’s successful pivot to farming but also Amazon’s confidence in the show’s continued success.

Jeremy Clarkson’s Future Endeavors

At 63, Clarkson is at a crossroads regarding his career. While the future of his involvement in The Grand Tour and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? remains uncertain, sources close to Clarkson suggest he might focus solely on Clarkson’s Farm going forward.

Final Thoughts of Future Seasons of Clarkson’s Farm


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Jeremy Clarkson’s journey from a motoring journalist to a farming sensation is a testament to his versatility and appeal as a television personality. The potential deal for three more seasons of Clarkson’s Farm not only cements his place in the realm of agricultural entertainment but also marks a new chapter in his career, one that promises more laughter, learning, and, undoubtedly, a few more mishaps along the way.

In a world where television content is constantly evolving, Clarkson’s ability to reinvent himself and remain relevant is truly remarkable. As fans eagerly await the official announcement of the deal, one thing is certain: Clarkson’s Farm has become more than just a show; it’s a phenomenon that has redefined Clarkson’s legacy.

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You can stream the first two seasons of Clarkson’s Farm on Prime Video right now.