Jason Kilar Is Negotiating His WarnerMedia Exit


It’s being reported that WarnerMedia’s chief executive, Jason Kilar, is currently negotiating his exit from the company.

This news comes to us from The New York Times who are reporting that he’s currently talking to lawyers regarding his departure from the company.

This comes after it was revealed that AT&T was basically selling WarnerMedia off to Discovery.

They’ve branded it as a merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery.

However, what it really is is AT&T getting out of the entertainment game.

This is interesting because they were pining a lot of hopes on HBO Max.

Well, AT&T will still have some stakes in the streaming platform, but it’ll be managed mostly by Discovery moving forward.

This puts Jason Kilar in a rather tricky spot.

He was employed by AT&T’s Mr. Stankey, and it sounds like he doesn’t like the idea of having to answer to the new boss.

Looks like Jason Kilar is also looking for a way out of WarnerMedia

Jason Kilar Exit WarnerMedia

Credit: HBO Max

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That new boss will be Discovery’s chief executive David Zaslav.

“Jason is a fantastic talent,” Mr. Zaslav said on the call with reporters following the announcement.

Mr. Stankey did say on the call that Kilar will remain as the chief executive of WarnerMedia.

However, he added, “David’s got a lot of decisions to make on personnel.”

Interestingly enough, Jason Kilar sent a memo to WarnerMedia’s staff on Monday morning.

In the memo, he called the merger “momentous news.”

However, he did not elaborate on his own future at the company.

“I recognize it will take all we’ve got to keep our collective focus on the mission,” the memo concluded. “We can do it.”

What do you make of this news?

Do you think Jason Kilar will be leaving WarnerMedia?

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