Jared Leto Rumoured To Want His Joker To Fight Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck

It’s being rumoured that Jared Leto wants to have his version of The Joker fight against Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck. This would be pretty cool, yet I’m going to be totally honest here, this will never happen.

This comes from We Got This Covered’s sources who are claiming that the actor really wants to have a movie made in which his Joker goes up against Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck. If Warner Bros. Pictures were to give the go-ahead on this, I would be very, very surprised.

The DC Comics movie universe is already confusing enough as it is. Adding a movie in which Jared Leto’s Joker fights Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker would be just too much. However, I’m sure that the DC Comics movie fans would love to see that.

Jared Let’s Joker wants to go up against Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker

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Credit: Warner Bros.

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It was reported a while back that Jared Leto was pretty upset that Warner Bros. Pictures gave Joaquin Phoenix the chance to play the character. He would have been made even madder when Phoenix ended up winning the Oscar for his performance.

I will say that Jared’s version of the Joker is far more ‘comic booky’ than Phoenix’s. That said, Phoenix’s portrayal was far more let’s say ‘serious’ than Jared’s. It’s literally Oscar-worthy. That’s something you can’t really say about Jared’s performance as the Joker.

I also think it would be very strange to have the two versions of Joker in one movie. They’re just too different. You could say that it could happen in The Flash movie because that one is crossing different Earths. But, I don’t think it would happen.

What do you make of this news? Would you like to see Jared Leto’s Joker go up against Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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