Jamie Foxx Rumoured To Be Up For A Role In The MCU X-Men Movie

It’s being rumoured that Jamie Foxx might be up for a role in the upcoming Marvel Studios X-Men movie which should be coming relatively soon.

This rumour comes from We Got This Covered’s sources, so maybe take it with a slight pinch of salt.

However, it seems as though Marvel Studios and Jamie Foxx have been discussing bringing him into the MCU.

Foxx has already starred in a Marvel movie, however, it was in Sony Pictures’ The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

He played Electro in that movie and it wasn’t the best performance he’s ever given.

However, there were many issues with that movie. He wasn’t the real problem.

So, it looks like Marvel Studios might want Foxx to play a member of the X-Men in their upcoming X-Men movie.

Jamie Foxx might be cast in the Marvel Studios X-Men movie

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It seems as though Marvel wants Jamie Foxx to play Bishop in their X-Men movies.

The role was previously played by French actor, Omar Sy in the 20th Century Fox movies.

It would be pretty interesting casting, and Foxx is a pretty well-know and highly regarded actor in Hollywood.

He would be a good addition to the MCU, and Bishop would be an interesting role for him to play.

Bishop is one of Xavier’s Security Enforcers (XSE), which is a mutant police force from a dystopian future of the Marvel Universe.

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see Jamie Foxx turn up in the MCU?

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