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James Gunn ‘Would Love’ To Bring The Flash’s Grant Gustin Into The DCU


In a revelation that has set the DC Universe buzzing, James Gunn, the creative force behind Guardians of the Galaxy and the recent The Suicide Squad, has expressed his interest in working with Grant Gustin, star of The Flash TV series, within the DC Universe (DCU).

This enthusiasm from Gunn hints at the exciting potential of integrating television and film talents in the expanding DCU, offering a fresh and interconnected approach to its storytelling.

Gustin, beloved for his portrayal of Barry Allen, aka The Flash, on the small screen, could bring a new dimension to the cinematic universe under Gunn’s direction.

When asked on Threads about casting Gustin in the future, James Gunn stated that he is “absolutely not going to waste just because he’s not currently in a DC project.”

However, Gunn also said he’d love to work with the former Arrowverse star at some point.

Here’s what Gunn had to say on the matter:

Grant is an incredibly talented guy, performing now on Broadway, I believe, and is absolutely not going to waste just because he’s not currently in a DC project. But of course, I’d love to work with him at some point.

Gunn’s Vision for the DCU


Credit: The CW

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Bridging TV and Cinema

James Gunn’s track record of character-driven storytelling and innovative narrative approaches sets the stage for a DCU where the lines between television and film are not just blurred but harmoniously integrated.

His interest in Grant Gustin signifies a willingness to embrace the established lore and fanbase of The Flash TV series, potentially weaving it into the larger tapestry of the DCU.

What This Means for The Flash

The prospect of Grant Gustin’s Flash speeding into the DCU’s cinematic landscape opens up a realm of possibilities.

It not only offers continuity for fans of the TV series but also provides an opportunity to explore the character’s depth and dynamics in a new context, enriched by Gunn’s creative influence.

Grant Gustin’s Flash


Credit: The CW

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A Fan-Favorite Hero

Grant Gustin has endeared himself to audiences worldwide with his heartfelt and nuanced portrayal of Barry Allen, balancing superhero spectacle with human vulnerability.

His journey through the multiverse and battles against an array of foes have prepared him for the leap to the big screen, where the stakes—and the speed—are higher.

Potential Story Arcs in the DCU

Introducing Gustin’s Flash into the DCU could serve as a catalyst for fresh story arcs, exploring themes of time travel, parallel universes, and the consequences of super-speed.

It would also allow for exciting crossover opportunities with other DCU characters, creating a richer and more integrated universe.

Final Thoughts on Grant Gustin playing The Flash in James Gunn’s DCU


Credit: The CW

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James Gunn’s interest in collaborating with Grant Gustin is more than just a nod to The Flash fans—it’s a statement of intent for the future of the DCU.

By considering talents from the television domain, Gunn is looking to craft a universe that is expansive, inclusive, and reflective of the diverse narratives that have shaped DC’s legacy.

In summary, the potential collaboration between James Gunn and Grant Gustin could mark a new era for the DCU, one where the speedster’s light could shine even brighter on the big screen.

As discussions and speculations continue, the anticipation for this dynamic union promises to keep fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting for the moment when The Flash’s lightning strikes in cinemas worldwide.

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