James Gunn Announces The Authority Movie For DC Studios


James Gunn and Peter Safran served up the first part of the new DCU slate Chapter 1 that they call Gods and Monsters featuring The Authority. At 12pm eastern standard time yesterday, entertainment sites, including Deadline, posted articles about the new projects happening in DC Studios.

At the same time, Gunn himself posted a 6-minute video on his Twitter account for the lineup of new projects that will comprise the new DCU. Many fans took to social media to air out their impressions, and among these are cautiously optimistic and excited for the brand-new title promising a new set of heroes and anti-heroes to the big screen.

Gunn is always looking for the new character lineup to bring to the mainstream. He is well aware of the popularity of the characters in DC comics, and he strongly feels they will do well in the DCU too. In Gunn’s video, he said:

The Authority is a passion project of mine. It’s based on the marvelous Wild Storm characters we are now bringing into the DCU and will interact with all of our primary DCU characters. The Authority are a group of superheroes who think the world is broken and they want to fix it by any means necessary. I think it’s a very different look at superheroes.

James Gunn’s The Authority Movie Brings New Set Of Heroes To Light

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Much like The Suicide Squad, the new team coming into the new DC slate will have a chance to step out of the graphic novel pages. However, while they are also a mix of antiheroes defying government control, they are less bound by a criminal offence to be in the team. They are more heroic than anti, and it’s their methods to achieve their goals that make them ‘anti’.

The new team formed after StormWatch, which is a defence line against alien threats, ended. Former members Jenny Sparks, Stormwatch Black, Swift and Jack Hawksmoor initiated the team. They got to enlist new members on board, namely The Engineer, The Doctor, Apollo and Midnighter.

In the comics, the team takes on other-worldly super-powered beings, alien infestation, international government alliance, parallel Earth invasion, retiring ‘god creator’, and even a catastrophic planetary event.  And those are just to name a few of their adventures.

Gunn definitely has a wide range of possibilities for the team in the new DCU. Indeed the DCU is a new slate. The first pages outline what they want to happen, and to do that, they are setting things in motion. After the upcoming four movies of DC Studios, things will truly look and feel different.

The new team that Gunn and Safran are gunning for clearly puts DCU’s Earth in interplanetary, intergalactic, interdimensional and world-ending catastrophic storylines. DCU is no longer bound on Earth, its versions and timelines alone. DCU is exploring all possibilities, and the resource is all in the comics.

James Gunn Has Tons Of Story To Play With For The Authority

James Gunn Announces The Authority Movie For DC Studios

Credit: DC Comics

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As Gunn has had a hand at projects with Marvel before getting into DC and not co-steering the direction for the DC Studios, there are many traces of his experiences that one can see forming as the backbone of the new slate. Primarily, Gunn reads comics, and he has been reading them for years.

He knows which runs have the live-action potential and which will fit nicely with the DCU that he and Safran are envisioning.

Nevertheless, these new storylines are being built on what can be called ruins of the past achievements of DC Films. Gunn himself said that DC used to stand for DisConnected. Instead of a plaster here and there to build forward, what they are doing is really breaking the compromised pieces and laying new foundations for a better narrative.

And better, we do hope it comes out once it begins. What do you think of the new DC slate that Gunn and Safran recently announced? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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