James Gunn Debunks Wonder Woman 3 Year DCU Absence

James Gunn Debunks Wonder Woman And 3 Year DCU Writeup

Fans and followers can depend on James Gunn to clear up DCU slate confusion and the Wonder Woman news. Because he and Peter Safran have yet to reveal their DC Universe slate, much misinterpretations circulate in social media.

He has already said so before that no one but he and Safran know what will happen for DC in the future. Whether or not they have presented their slate to Warner Bros Discovery top man, David Zaslav, is still something unofficial.

But the posts he does online, as well as the eagerness of fans to know what’s actually going on, creates a mix of speculation. One vague piece of information here, plus a recent post he makes, equals something to talk about among DC followers.

Of course, we also would like to know the truth about it all. We don’t exactly have the Lasso of Truth on hand but at least, Gunn readily corrects misinterpretations as much as he can.

James Gunn Clarifies Wonder Woman and DCU Slate Confusion


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A DC fan account on Twitter, Home of DCU, posted a recent article from Variety with the statement that, according to the article, Wonder Woman won’t be appearing in the first three years of the DCU slate.

In Variety’s article, the main focus was Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam and how he lost his grip on pushing through with Black Adam vs Superman. Basically, the article did a recap of how things fell through the last months of 2022 for DC after the pivotal merger.

Apparently, this part of the article is what resonated with the fan Twitter account:

As 2023 kicks off, DC bosses Gunn and Safran continue to sift through the rubble and will soon reveal their three-year interconnected vision for the cinematic universe, which won’t include Cavill’s Superman or Wonder Woman at all. 

This is something that another follower, ‘wwsirens’, did not want to believe. The account then reached out to Gunn, who almost immediately addressed the notion.

Gunn also answers the circulating discussion that the DC slate they are preparing is only worth three years. Meanwhile, he does not state anything about The Flash star Ezra Miller in this response.

So there you have it from the Gunn himself. It isn’t true that the next three years of DCU will be without Wonder Woman.

Furthermore, the slate he and Safran are preparing will not only span over three years but for eight, or even a whole decade.

It is only natural for fans to have this intense reaction to what is to come for the studio. For fans, they have a clear idea of what they want to see up on the silver screen.

But, there are millions of fans out there. Each one has a level of excitement in anticipating the future of DC Studios.

Definitely, Gunn and Safran are bearing a daunting task of weaving the DC universe together in one cohesive tale. Not only are they doing this for the movies but also for television and even in video games.

James Gunn Clears Up Wonder Woman and DCU News


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You can really count on DC fans to be very emotionally invested in the heroes in their roster. Like other fandoms, they have a good fraction of the population who grew up reading about them than following them on television and then in the movies.

While some are upset with the recent cancellations, there are also those who are welcoming the upcoming change. A good number of fans are still hopeful.

As long as the official DC Universe slate is still in tight wraps with Gunn and Safran’s names on it, people are subject to different conclusions. It only invites more speculation, which either upsets or delights people who engage in social media.

We wouldn’t be surprised if comments say Gunn may have debunked the absence of Wonder Woman but he didn’t say she would still be Gal Gadot.

Well, at least DC still has that hold on social media engagement. Also, there will only be a few days left until Gunn and Safran does make their official announcements.

What do you make of this development? Are you relieved to know that Wonder Woman is still on the DC slate for the next three years, even for 8-10 years, for that matter?


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