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James Gunn’s DCU Has Found Its Supergirl In House Of The Dragon Star


In a casting move that’s sending ripples through the DC Universe, James Gunn and Peter Safran’s vision for the DCU is taking flight with a new face for an iconic DC Comics character, Supergirl. House of the Dragon star Milly Alcock has been officially announced to don the cape as the new Supergirl. This casting news, as reported by Deadline, has fans of both the HBO hit series and the DCU buzzing with excitement and anticipation.

Milly Alcock, the Australian actress who gained widespread acclaim for her portrayal of young Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, is set to bring her talents to one of the most beloved characters in the superhero realm. This decision marks a significant moment in the evolving landscape of the DCU, promising a fresh and exciting take on the character of Supergirl.

Milly Alcock: From Westeros to Metropolis


Credit: HBO

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Milly Alcock’s Rise to Stardom

Milly Alcock’s journey to stardom has been nothing short of meteoric. With her standout performance in “House of the Dragon,” she captured the imagination of audiences worldwide, showcasing her ability to bring depth and complexity to her characters.

The Significance of Her Casting as Supergirl

Alcock’s casting as Supergirl is not just a win for her career but also signifies a new direction for the character. Known for her strong screen presence and acting prowess, Alcock is poised to bring a unique and powerful interpretation to the role of Supergirl.

James Gunn’s Vision for the DCU


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Reinventing the DC Universe

Under the guidance of James Gunn, the DCU is undergoing a transformative phase, with a focus on fresh storytelling and character development. Gunn’s reputation for revitalizing comic book characters sets high expectations for this new chapter in the DCU.

Supergirl in Gunn’s DCU

In Gunn’s DC Universe, Supergirl is expected to be portrayed with a nuanced approach, differing from previous iterations. Fans are curious to see how Alcock’s version of Supergirl will fit into Gunn’s vision, especially considering his comments about bringing a more “hardcore” element to the character.

Supergirl: Woman Of Steel


Credit: DC Comics

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The Solo Feature

According to Deadline, Milly Alcock’s Supergirl will first appear in a DC-based project before starring in her solo feature, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. This project promises to explore new facets of Supergirl’s story, potentially delving into darker and more complex narratives.

Adaptation of Tom King’s Comic Series

The solo Supergirl feature is based on Tom King’s 2022 comic book series, noted for its distinct take on the character. With Bilquis Evely as the illustrator, this adaptation is anticipated to bring a fresh and modern take on Supergirl’s journey.

The Future of Supergirl in the DCU


Credit: DC Comics

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Building a New Legacy

Milly Alcock’s Supergirl is set to build a new legacy for the character, one that resonates with modern audiences and aligns with the evolving ethos of the DCU under Gunn’s leadership.

Fan Expectations and Excitement

The announcement has generated a wave of excitement among fans, with high expectations for Alcock’s portrayal. The anticipation for “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow” and her role in the larger DCU narrative is palpable.

Final Thoughts on Milly Alcock being cast as Supergirl


Credit: HBO

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Milly Alcock stepping into the role of Supergirl marks a new era for the character and the DC Universe. With James Gunn at the helm, the DCU is charting a course towards innovative storytelling and character-driven narratives. Alcock’s casting is a testament to this vision, promising to bring a fresh and exciting portrayal of Supergirl that resonates with both long-time fans and newcomers to the franchise.

As we look forward to Milly Alcock’s debut as Supergirl, the possibilities for her character and the DCU are endless. Her journey from the mythical lands of Westeros to the streets of Metropolis is a thrilling prospect for superhero enthusiasts and a signal of the dynamic future awaiting the DC Universe.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing Milly Alcock play Supergirl in the DCU? We’d love to hear from you.

Woman Of Tomorrow is rumoured to be released in cinemas in 2027, but nothing official has been confirmed yet.