James Gunn Shows Inconsistencies In New DCU Interconnectivity

Recent tweets from DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn have shown inconsistencies in his previous statements about the DCU interconnectivity. In his video on January 31, he particularly said that he and his co-CEO Peter Safran is intent on making sure that DCU is connected in films, television, gaming and animation.

While the idea appealed so much to people who wish for a more unified story in the grand umbrella that is DC, some are cautiously reserving opinion as to its actual fruition. It is one thing to unify animation, television and theatre projects. As what Marvel is doing, this can definitely be done; it just requires so much time, work and a painstaking eye for detail.

However, it is an altogether different ballgame if the overall narrative unifies with video games.

James Gunn’s DCU Interconnectivity Might Actually Be Disconnected

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An exchange of posts tagging Gunn’s Twitter account via Bounding Into Comics shows that other users of the site asked the studio’s co-CEO how it could be possible.

On February 3, @UncleBobbings asked tagging @JamesGunn, @JimLee and @DCComics:

Do you realise top tier AAA games take 6yrs of development. And films take how long? How are you going to join them up in same universe?

To which Gunn replied

First of all, that’s an overstatement of time – it’s closer to four years if you’ve got everything lined up. Secondly, we’re planned out beyond that far already, so we’re good!

The above exchange reinforces the studio’s intention to connect the video games to the rest of the platforms under the franchise. Everything seems fully addressed until @ittatto23 asked:

For those of DC fans who don’t play video games, will we still be able to follow the storytelling of the DCU via just the films and shows only? Please let me know James!

Which then Gunn answered:


This gives the impression that followers of the DCU narrative can choose not to expose themselves to video games at all. Thus, the question of whether the platforms will actually be connected. With this possibility of foregoing the games and still being abreast with the entire DCU, they question the idea of saying they are when clearly one prong of the fork could be easily detached.

Non-Video Gamers Will Still Enjoy James Gunn’s DCU

James Gunn Shows Inconsistency In New DCU Interconnectivity

Credit: Warner Bros. Games

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Let’s face it, the possibility of aligning a video game release to that of the television series, theatrical runs as well as animated series is very daunting. So many more factors and variables are at play when a video game is being developed. Although, this is not the first time DC has tied video games to their comics.

Many know Injustice: Gods Among Us as the fighting game that focuses on a universe where Superman becomes evil. It’s a popular series that even got its own comic series. And it was popular enough to even get adapted into an animated film.

Warner Bros has also done movies, animation and video games being incorporated to each other with the Matrix. The Animatrix was an animation project from Japanese animation studios that told short stories that connected The Matrix.

While a video game called Enter The Matrix connected the events of one of the stories in Animatrix and, of course, led to Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions. In other words, making multiple projects in different formats can be done. The question is, will some people watch or play them just to understand the entire story?

However, Gunn also says that they are pretty clear with the story that they want; thus, development could last about four years. For in-game development, that really is a fast-tracked timetable. Programming, graphics, editing, beta testing, bug-clearing, and finally releasing are but a few of the steps they need to hurdle through.

A film will have development, principal photography, postproduction, editing then the final cut. These phases of development may just be words, but it is equivalent to at least months to iron out. James Gunn even said that they would not start shooting if the screenplay was incomplete. This would mean that they will likely follow this rule for the video games as well.

The story should be in place before incorporating the game elements. If this will be video games similar to a first-person shooter or a versus combat game, who knows? What is clear is that the characters who may appear across platforms will be portrayed and/or voiced by the same actor.

As for continuity, certain scenes can be used to connect one to another. Sometimes they even incorporate a part of the script giving the nod to the events of another project.

It is true that this endeavour is a huge step, even for DC Studios. But now, all we can do is wait and watch their next moves. Hopefully, they do get to put their plans on the fast track without sacrificing the quality of output in the coming years.

Do you think DC Studios, under James Gunn and Peter Safran, will be able to unify film, television, animation and video games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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