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Popular James Bond Skyfall CGI Rumour Debunked


There was a popular rumour about the James Bond movie Skyfall which has seemingly been debunked by the Corridor Digital crew in a recent episode of their very good YouTube series, VFX Artists React.

During this week’s episode, dedicated entirely to James Bond movies, they looked at the scene in Skyfall in which Daniel Craig’s 007 took on a very nasty-looking Komodo dragon.

The James Bond Skyfall rumour debunked


Credit: MGM Studios

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Well, the popular rumour about this particular scene was that Daniel Craig had purchased some rather nice-looking black gloves whilst filming the movie.

It was then said that he asked the movie’s director, Sam Mendes, whether it would be OK if he wore the gloves in the scene they were filming that day, which was said to be the Komodo dragon fight scene.

Daniel Craig’s chubby hands…

So, it was said that Craig proceeded to film the scene with the gloves on, and then when they came to edit the scene, the editors realised that there would be a continuity issue.

The issue was that Bond had a very particular gun that was fingerprint-activated. James Bond was the only person who could shoot that gun.

However, in the scene, one of the bad guys picks up Bond’s gun and can’t shoot him because, of course, he doesn’t have Bond’s fingerprints.


Credit: MGM Studios

The thing is, how could Bond use the gun if he were wearing gloves…? Can you see the issue here…?

So, it was reported that they had to digitally remove Bond’s gloves in the scene to ensure that there wasn’t a continuity error.

That said, when the Corridor Digital crew looked at this scene in depth, they concluded that it was impossible that Daniel Craig’s hands in the scene weren’t his actual hands.

Corridor Digital’s debunking of the rumour

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Here’s what Corridor Digital’s Niko Pueringer had to say on the particular CGI rumour:

I’m going to say that this is bunk because, in reality, a professional actor probably wouldn’t just on a whim wear a costume like gloves on set, especially during a fight scene.

He added:

When you do a long shoot, a big full shoot like this, the costume designer sits down and does a continuity progression of costume during the entire production, like ‘does this happen a day later?’, ‘does this happen an hour later?”, “does this happen a week later?”, and they’re having this for every single scene. All of this stuff is tracked super closely.

So, there you have it. This particular CGI rumour about the James Bond Skyfall movie is entirely bogus.

That’s a shame because I thought it was quite an interesting one.

What do you make of this news?

Are you sad to hear that the James Bond Skyfall CGI rumour isn’t true after all?

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

You can stream Skyfall right now on Prime Video.