Jake Gyllenhaal Says He’s Not The Next Batman Which Means Ben Affleck’s Job Is Safe… For Now

Jake Gyllenhaal was asked whether he’s going to be playing Batman in Matt Reeves’ much-discussed Batman movie and his response was no.

There’s been so much talk about Batman recently; the reason being is that there’s so much confusion surrounding the big screen future of one DC Comics’ most famous superheroes. Matt Reeves is currently working on the Batman movie yet we don’t know whether Ben Affleck will be playing the Caped Crusader in the movie. We’re not even sure if the film’s actually going to happen.

There have been reports suggesting that DC might want to move away from this project. Then there were rumours suggesting that Affleck would be stepping down from the role and that Jake Gyllenhaal would be stepping in, yet according to the actor, there’s no truth in that.

Gyllenhaal was talking to China News Asia about being the new face of Santos de Cartier when the conversation naturally moved on to whether he was going to be the next Batman or not. His answer was a pretty definite “no”.

Will Ben Affleck still be Batman in The Batman?

Will Ben Affleck still be Batman in The Batman?

“Wow, that’s a very difficult question,” he answered, and then said: “The answer to that question is ‘no’!” At first glance, it does seem to be rather final, yet the way in which he answered the question was rather odd. He started off by saying that it’s a difficult question to answer, but in truth, it’s not. It’s a yes or no answer. OK, so he did end up saying no, but he had to think about it for a while.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this. It does seem as though everything is in a state of flux with The Batman movie. But if Gyllenhaal is to be believed, then it looks like Affleck’s still Batman. Although, I’m not so sure he wants to be anymore.

So, if Gyllenhaal’s not going to be the Dark Knight, who would you like to take on the role? My vote is with Armie Hammer, but there are plenty of other potential Batmen out there. Jon Hamm is a name that keeps on popping up, and I do think he’d be suitable for the role. Let us know who you think should play Batman after Affleck in the comments below.

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