A Quiet Place’s Writers Say That There Are Ideas For A Sequel

John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place has been a big hit at the box office, and the film’s writers have revealed that they already have ideas for a potential sequel.

John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place seemingly came out of nowhere and delighted cinemagoers the world over. It’s already making a lot of money both in the US, and the UK and people are now wondering whether a sequel might be in the works. Considering the way the movie ended, thinking that A Quiet Place 2 (A Quieter PlaceA Very Quiet PlaceA Not So Quiet Place…) might be on the horizon isn’t that surprising.

Personally, I was really impressed by the film. It had a great central premise and stuck with it, which many horror movies don’t do. Krasinski and Blunt were terrific leads, and they were brilliantly backed up by a young cast. It was also really well written. Speaking of which, the film’s screenwriters, Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, were talking to Fandango about the possibility of a sequel which they revealed is an idea they’ve pondered

“It’s such a fun world,” Woods answered. “There are so many things you could do.” They were then asked whether we could see something around the other families hinted at in the movie (I’m trying to avoid spoilers here).

“Definitely…There are so many discarded set pieces, too, just hiding out on Word documents on our computer,” Beck replied. “So, yeah, there are certainly so many stories you could tell. It’s just really, at the end of the day, who are the characters in this and what does this situation mean to that dynamic?”

I certainly think there’s scope for a sequel, however, I also think the film works very well as a standalone feature and that if this world were to be expanded upon too much we’d end up with another The Cloverfield Paradox on our hands, and I’m not sure if we’d really want that, would we?

What do you think? Should they make a sequel to A Quiet Place? Let us know in the comments below.

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