J.J. Abrams Needed A Plan For Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

It’s been revealed by J.J. Abrams himself that they really needed a plan when making the Star Wars sequel trilogy which is interesting to hear him admit.

He revealed this during a recent interview in Collider.

Many fans were saying that one of the big issues with the latest Star Wars films was that they were not planned.

There was no overall plan of where these films were going to go when they were making them.

It really showed when watching Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker.

Well, J.J. Abrams has now admitted that they probably should have had a plan when making these films.

J.J. Abrams admits that they needed a plan when making the Star Wars sequel trilogy

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Credit: Lucasfilm

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Here’s what J.J Abrams had to say on the matter:

There are projects that I’ve worked on where we had some ideas but we hadn’t worked through them enough, sometimes we had some ideas but then we weren’t allowed to do them the way we wanted to. I’ve had all sorts of situations where you plan things in a certain way and you suddenly find yourself doing something that’s 180 degrees different, and then sometimes it works really well and you feel like, ‘Wow that really came together’, and other times you think, ‘Oh my God I can’t believe this is where we are’, and sometimes when it’s not working out it’s because it’s what you planned, and other times when it’s not working out it’s because you didn’t have a plan. You just never really know, but having a plan I have learned, in some cases the hard way, is the most critical thing, because otherwise, you don’t know what you’re setting up. You don’t know what to emphasize. Because if you don’t know the inevitable of the story, you’re just as good as your last sequence or effect or joke or whatever, but you want to be leading to something inevitable.

What do you make of this news?

Are you one of the many people who believe that J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm should have planned better when making the Star Wars trilogy?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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