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It Follows Sequel In The Works – Star And Director Returning


The chilling whispers and eerie suspense of It Follows are set to return, as a sequel to the acclaimed 2014 horror film is officially in the works. Fans of the original can rejoice, as both star Maika Monroe and director David Robert Mitchell are confirmed to be returning for the sequel, ensuring that the unique atmosphere and intense storytelling of the first film remain intact. The sequel, tentatively titled They Follow, promises to delve deeper into the haunting world that left audiences on the edge of their seats, bringing back the psychological terror that made It Follows a standout in the horror genre.

It Follows garnered critical acclaim for its innovative approach to horror, blending psychological terror with supernatural elements. The film’s success was attributed to its unique premise, atmospheric tension, and Maika Monroe’s compelling performance. With the announcement of They Follow, expectations are high, and fans are eager to see how the sequel will build upon the eerie legacy of the original. The return of both Monroe and Mitchell is a promising sign, indicating a commitment to preserving the distinctive style and chilling ambience that made It Follows a modern horror classic.

A Return to Terror


Credit: Northern Lights Films

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They Follow is poised to take audiences back into the unsettling world of It Follows, with David Robert Mitchell once again at the helm. Mitchell’s direction was a crucial element of the original film’s success, crafting a haunting atmosphere that lingered long after the credits rolled.

The Original’s Impact

It Follows stood out in the horror genre for its unique take on supernatural terror. The film followed the story of a young woman haunted by a shape-shifting entity, a curse passed on through a seemingly innocent sexual encounter. The film’s success lay in its ability to create an omnipresent sense of dread, with the entity’s relentless pursuit serving as a constant reminder of the protagonist’s vulnerability.

Maika Monroe’s Return


Credit: Northern Lights Films

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Maika Monroe’s performance in It Follows was widely praised, with her portrayal of the haunted protagonist earning her a spot among the modern scream queens of horror. Her return for They Follow is a major draw for fans, promising a continuation of her compelling performance.

A Scream Queen’s Legacy

Monroe’s role in It Follows was a defining moment in her career, showcasing her ability to convey vulnerability and strength in the face of supernatural terror. Her return for the sequel ensures a level of continuity, providing fans with a familiar anchor in the sequel’s new story.

Expanding the Mythos


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They Follow promises to expand upon the mythos established in It Follows, delving deeper into the origins and rules of the haunting entity. With Mitchell’s return as director, fans can expect a thoughtful exploration of the film’s supernatural elements, ensuring a sequel that is both respectful of the original and innovative in its own right.

A Deeper Dive

The sequel presents an opportunity to explore unanswered questions from the original, providing a richer understanding of the entity and its origins. Fans are eager to see how They Follow will build upon the established lore, creating a sequel that is both a continuation and an expansion of the It Follows universe.

Final Thoughts on It Follows’ sequel


Credit: Northern Lights Films

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The announcement of They Follow has set the horror community abuzz, with the return of both Maika Monroe and David Robert Mitchell promising a sequel that captures the essence of the original. The film’s exploration of psychological terror and supernatural suspense is set to return, providing fans with another dose of the eerie, unsettling horror that made It Follows a standout in the genre.

As we eagerly await further details on They Follow, the promise of a sequel that honours the legacy of It Follows while expanding upon its mythos is a thrilling prospect for horror fans. The return to this haunting world is sure to be a highlight in the horror cinema landscape, and with Monroe and Mitchell at the helm, They Follow is poised to be a worthy successor to the original.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching the sequel to It Follows, called They Follow?

You can stream It Follows right now on Paramount Plus and Fubo based on your location.