Isabella Fuhrman Signs On For Orphan Prequel Called Orphan: First Kill

It’s been revealed that Isabelle Fuhrman has signed on to reprise her role of Esther in a new prequel movie called Orphan: Kill.

You might remember 2009, Obama was President, Gordon Brown was Prime Minister in the UK. Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince took the box office by storm, along with Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, & we were introduced to the Hangover. You may also remember Orphan.

The unsettling, unnerving psychological horror took over $77m worldwide at the box office on a budget of just $20m. We were introduced to the Coleman family as they adopt Esther. Whilst critics weren’t too kind to the release, the box office results begged to differ.

And at the denouement where we find out the story swerve, we were left asking, what happened before? Well now, we have that answer. Various outlets including Deadline report that star Isabelle Fuhrman & Golden Globe nominee Julia Stiles have signed on for a prequel.

Isabella Fuhrman is coming back for an Orphan prequel

Orphan Prequel movie

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Entitled Orphan: First Kill, we will see Esther prior to the 2009 hit, as she escapes from the Estonian psychiatric facility & impersonates a wealthy American missing child. Notably, once more she’ll find conflict with a mother who will do anything to protect her family.

Variety reports the original film’s screenwriter David Leslie Johnson will return as executive producer, ensuring continuity and themes of the original aren’t lost. William Brent Bell, director of The Boy, The Devil Inside brings his horror pedigree to the franchise in the next couple of months.

Fuhrman will be seen soon in Escape Room 2 in January 2021, and with the announcement, we can expect a release for Orphan: First Kill some time in 2022.

Did you see Orphan the first time around? Maybe on Netflix? Were you disturbed? Perhaps terrified? Let us know in the comments below!

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