Is This Blade Runner 2049 Interview The Best Interview Ever?

Could Alison Hammond’s interview with the stars of Blade Runner 2049, Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, be the best interview ever conducted? Check it out below.

Interview a Hollywood celebrity is hard. Believe me (excuse the ‘Trump-ism’ there). I’ve done a few interviews in my time and they are always a nerve-racking and awkward affair. However, This Morning’s Alison Hammond may have unlocked the secret to doing the best interview ever. The answer: booze, singing and laughter. Check out the interview in all its glory below.

Hammond isn’t best known for her hard-hitting interview style. She’s better known for her time on Big Brother and has since appeared on Celebrity Fit ClubCelebrities Under Pressure and Big Star’s Little Star. However, the minute This Morning got her in a room with the stars of Blade Runner 2049, Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, all hell broke loose. She started off by admitting that she had never seen Ridley Scott’s original film. Probably not the best way to start, but it all resulted in interviewing gold.

Ford is a notoriously difficult person to interview, often being cited as grumpy and uncommunicative, which isn’t great for an interview. However, Hammond and Harrison seemed to hit it off immediately. She even got the Hollywood superstar to laugh, which is a very rare thing indeed.

Maybe it was the booze. Maybe it was Hammond’s bubbly personality. All I know is that it was the recipe for the perfect interview, and I look forward to seeing more of Hammond’s interviewing shenanigans in the future.

Blade Runner 2049 is out in UK cinemas now. Be sure to check it out. It’s on our list of the 20 films you should watch this autumn.

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