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Competitions: Anyone who reads magazines, browses social media, or shops online sees them every day. There’s no shortage of them or of the things you could win! Everything and anything from a holiday overseas or a new home to a few hundred pounds or a meal out for two. Maybe you like competitions in the form of games like the lotto or online casino PKO games, or perhaps you like to purchase raffle tickets from the local church when they have their annual church raffle. Whatever kind of competition you enter, you’re entering because you want to WIN. Competitions, by their very nature, are gambles. You’re entering and taking the CHANCE that you might win, but there’s more chance that you’ll lose than win.

Though there’s more than a little luck involved in winning any game of chance, there are a few ways that you can up your odds of taking home that grand prize or winning more times than you usually would. Let’s check it out.

Stay Informed


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You can’t enter competitions that you don’t know about, right? Join mailing lists and sign up for newsletters; check your favourite brand’s social media accounts and websites to stay informed about what competitions are running and what the prizes are. The more competitions you hear about, the more competitions you can enter! The more you enter, the higher your chances of winning.

Join A Forum or Group


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Just like there are apps that offer subscriptions or coupons or discount services, there are lots of forums and even some Facebook groups that share all the latest news on the biggest and most exciting current and upcoming competitions. It’s a one-stop shop for you to find all the competitions that you could ever find, offering all different kinds of prizes.

Social media competitions, in particular, often have the opportunity for entrants to enter more than once. They will often ask you to tag one friend per comment as one entry, so tag ALL your friends for as great a number of entries as possible. If they offer an extra entry for sharing to stories, do that too. Other competitions may provide additional entries for sharing the contest with friends via text or social media.

Though this can seem counterintuitive as you want fewer people entering so you have a greater chance of winning, be realistic; lots of people are going to enter! Rather than trying to minimise other entrants, focus on increasing how many entries you have.

Enter High Effort Competitions


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The fact is that most people are pretty lazy. If a competition requires more than a little effort, many people are automatically put off from entering. A lower number of entrants is precisely what you want! Take a little time and put in the effort to enter competitions like this because your chances of winning are often a lot higher.

Read the Rules

It’s all well and good to enter as many competitions as you can, but that’s no good if you don’t know the rules. You must ensure that you read ALL the competition rules very carefully before you enter because you might be ineligible or unable to claim the prize for any number of reasons. Some competitions are only for UK or US (wherever the competition is based) residents. For some competitions, you might need to be over a certain age or available to take a trip on a specific date.

Listen to the Radio

Radio stations are some of the best places to find exciting competitions that offer huge prizes. Listen to a few different radio stations every day to see if there are any new competitions running and to find out if you qualify to enter.

Make Comping Friends

Friends that compete together stay together! And they tell each other about all the exciting competitions they’ve found as well. Though hearing from a friend means that you’ve got a few more entries to compete against, it’s better than not entering the competition at all!


Entering competitions is so much fun. It can be a diverting way to spend a little time and maybe even to win something exciting! As the saying goes: you win some, you lose some. But there’s another saying as well; if at first you don’t succeed, then try try again!


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