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How To Start Casino Streaming – From A to Z

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, the demand for online entertainment has gone through the roof! If there was ever a right time to start streaming, either purely as a hobby or a source of income, the time is right now! And take it from us – the quickest way to earn money on Twitch is through casino streaming.

Casino Streaming? What is That?  

A casino streamer is someone who has a channel on Twitch or Youtube, where they share live streams of online casino games. It is just like other forms of video game streaming but focused on gambling content.

More than 90% of gambling activity at online casinos involves video slots. That is what most players want. Naturally, casino streaming is quite heavily focused on video slots as well. Successful casino streamers play real money slots at popular online casinos.

Why Start Casino Streaming in 2021

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Take a quick look at the top 50 or 100 most popular channels on Twitch. Apart from the usual contenders like League of Legends, DOTA, CS: GO, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, and PUBG, you will also find slots.

There is a huge demand for live gambling content online. Many online casinos also use these channels to attract new players to their platforms using ads and other promo materials. For instance, casino streamers earn money by promoting standard bonus offers which are easily found online. This is an easy way to earn money!

Getting started in casino streaming is extremely easy when compared to other games. There is no skill requirement whatsoever, and you don’t need an expensive PC.

You will be playing real casino games that come with the promise of big wins from time to time. Think of it as regular bonus income, on top of the revenue you generate through casino promotions and ads, not to mention audience funding!

Let’s get started with the basic requirements of casino streaming:

Equipment – Hardware & Internet

  • A PC is mandatory if you are serious about streaming, but the great thing about casino streaming is that you don’t need a top-tier gaming PC.
  • Top of the line graphics cards like the NVidia RTX 2080 doesn’t come cheap – costing above £600 in most places. But for casino streaming, they are overkill. You can run the latest video slots on browser screens using an integrated graphics card like the Intel HD4000! So focus more on the CPU side as streaming is quite-resource intensive.
  • A recent generation i5 processor with 8 GB RAM is the minimum you should aim for in this situation. If you want to go Team AMD instead of Intel, newer generation Ryzen 5 processors can do an admirable job, that too at a lower price point.
  • Don’t forget about AV equipment! A good full HD Webcam from brands like Logitech, along with a decent mic from Samsung, Blue Yeti or Razer is essential if you want to output some quality content.
  • Another huge factor to consider is your internet connection. HD Ready (720p) is the basic minimum for video streaming in 2021, especially on Twitch where it is the preferred option. Consider a broadband connection with 5Mbps on uploads and downloads as the minimum you need for streaming.

Essential Accounts

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Before 2021, you had several options in streaming live games – YouTube, Mixer, Twitch. But in fact, there was just one top option and that was Twitch. Now that Microsoft has given up on Mixer, the dominance of Twitch in streaming is absolute.

YouTube is a viable option, but it has one major disadvantage – it is a jack of all trades. Twitch, however, is focused entirely on gaming, which means it can attract exactly the right audience. If you are interested in monetizing your stream, this is a very important point to consider.

For casino streaming, Twitch is the ideal starting point, though YouTube is also quite a good option, if not the best. Sign up and create an account on the platform of your choice.

You will also need a casino account. Do some research to find a reliable and reputed online casino with popular slots from brands like Netent and Microgaming. You need to play the hottest slots to get the most viewers.

Another important thing is an online wallet account like Paypal. After all, a successful casino streamer can get plenty of money from their subscribers in the form of donations. You want an account ready to receive all that money!

Other Software & Tools

To get your streaming video and audio to Twitch, you will also need some extra software. Thankfully the best option out there is 100% free – Open Broadcaster Software or OBS. There are tons of online guides to help you get started with OBS basics.

Streamlabs is a popular software service available to streamers from Logitech. It offers a complete set of tools to create and manage a donations/crowdfunding system for your Twitch account. Basically, you need Streamlabs to get an income stream up and running.

Casino streamers also need a chat window to interact with followers and get feedback from them. Kapchat is a tool that allows you to embed a chat window directly in your Twitch stream, using OBS.

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