Tenet And Yesterday Star Himesh Patel Reportedly In Talks To Be The New Doctor In Doctor Who


It’s being reported that Tenet and Yesterday star, Himesh Patel, is in the running to be the new Doctor in Doctor Who. This rumour comes to us from We Got This Covered, so maybe take this with a slight pinch of salt.

However, Patel would be exactly the sort of actor that the BBC would love to have play the Doctor. He’s already proven himself to be an incredible talent in the likes of Yesterday and even his brief appearance in Tenet. He’s 30 years old, so the right age to play the role, and he’s also worked with the BBC before having acted in the popular British soap, EastEnders.

They had previously reported that Daniel Kaluuya was also in the running to get the gig. However, as I mentioned in my article on that casting rumour, I think he’s a bit too famous for the role. That’s not to say that Patel’s not in the same boat. His star’s definitely on the rise, and yet I still think he would be attracted by the role of the Doctor.

Could Himesh Patel be the next Doctor in Doctor Who


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The Doctor is still an iconic role, and one of the most famous British sci-fi roles of all time. So, I think Patel would be very much interested in playing the Doctor. He would also be the first actor of Indian descent to play the role.

It’s still not officially been announced that Jodie Whittaker is leaving the show. However, given that the report came from The Mirror, I am inclined to believe that she is leaving the show after Season 13.

I’ll let you know if anything changes regarding the Doctor in Doctor Who. I really like the idea of seeing Himesh Patel play the Doctor. I think he would be a great fit for the role, and it could be good for his career. Actor’s who’ve played the Doctor in the past have ended up doing pretty well afterwards.

What do you make of this rumour? Would you like to see Himesh Patel play the Doctor in Doctor Who? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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