Henry Cavill’s Superman Is Not Finished In The DCEU


There have been a bunch of rumours recently suggesting that Henry Cavill might be done playing Superman in the DCEU.

Well, we’re hearing otherwise, and so are some people in the industry that we trust.

This all comes after it was revealed that Bad Robot is in the process of making a Black Superman movie.

I still find it difficult to write and say the words “Black Superman“.

Superman is Superman, no matter whether he’s black or white.

OK, mini-rant over. Back to Henry Cavill and him still playing Superman in the DCEU.

First thing’s first, I can confirm that this new Bad Robot Superman is not going to be replacing Henry Cavill’s.

As mentioned in The Hollywood Reporter, this will be a sport of Elseworlds movie, a bit like Joker was.

They wrote: “The Superman film appears to be moving onto its own track and won’t be part of the universe, as of now.”

Therefore, this will not be part of the main DCEU films, which means that there is still hope for Henry Cavill’s version of Superman.

Henry Cavill’s Superman is not dead in the DCEU


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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This was then backed up by Syl Adbul, who reported that this upcoming Superman movie will be a sort of Elseworlds film.

Syl went a step further by saying that this upcoming Superman might not even be the Calvin Ellis version that we’ve all been thinking it was going to be.

The film is currently being written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and it looks like the first draft of the script won’t be finished until mid-December.

Warner Bros. Pictures is also looking for a black director to helm the movie.

This means that J.J. Abrams will not be making this movie.

The Hollywood Reporter’s article described that potential outcome as being “tone-deaf”.

So there you have it. Henry Cavill’s Superman is not dead and done.

I’ve been hearing that he will be part of the Black Adam sequel that Dwayne Johnson is keen on making.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to this Black Superman film?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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