Matthew Vaughn Reveals What His Man Of Steel 2 Would Have Looked Like

Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class director, Matthew Vaughn has revealed what his and Mark Millar’s Superman movie, Man Of Steel 2, would have been.

The news on Man of Steel 2 has gone rather silent ever since it was suggested that Henry Cavill wasn’t going to be playing Superman anymore.

It’s still uncertain whether or not Cavill will return as the DC Comics superhero on the big screen, however, there had been talks of making a sequel to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel with Matthew Vaughn in the director’s chair.

The director who made such films as Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class and the Kingsman films recently spoke to Polygon and revealed his pitch for Man of Steel 2.

It was revealed that in 2008, Vaughn and comic book writer Mark Millar were in talks with Warner Bros. to make a Superman trilogy and the director said it was going to be “a massive, uplifting, hopeful thing.”

He was then back in talks with the studio to helm Man of Steel 2, and it appears that his film would have picked up some of the same themes of their proposed trilogy.

According to Polygon, Vaughn’s film was going to be set almost entirely on Krypton, and focus on Jor-El and the impending explosion of their home planet.



Krypton would have still exploded, yet this would have happened much later in the timeline in Vaughn and Millar’s film.

This meant that Superman would have grown up on his home planet rather than Earth and he would have become familiar with both planets.

This means that Vaughn and Millar’s take would have cut out the whole Jonathan and Martha Kent aspect of the Superman story, which might have been difficult for many fans of the superhero to take.

That said, the story’s been told so many times that it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing to change things up slightly, and Millar has done stuff like this in the comic books.

His comic, Superman: Red Son has Superman landing in Russia instead of the United States and it shows what would have become of the hero had be been brought up in the USSR rather than the US. It’s a great story which all Superman fans should read.

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