David Harbour Blames Hellboy’s Box Office Failure On Guillermo Del Toro Fans

David Harbour has come out and revealed that he thinks his Hellboy film didn’t do well at the box office due to Guillermo Del Toro’s fans.

Harbour has made a name for himself as Sherif Jim Hopper in Netflix’s hit TV show, Stranger Things.

He then managed to bag himself the lead in Neil Marshall’s 2019 Hellboy reboot.

Honestly, I really loved the casting and was all ready to watch Hellboy and love it.

However, the movie was not good and failed at the box office.

It was made for $50 million and only ended up making $44 million worldwide.

In short, the movie bombed and David Harbour has revealed during an Instagram Live that he thinks fans of the Guillermo Del Toro movies had something to do with his Hellboy movie’s failure.

David Harbour thinks Hellboy bombed because of Guillermo Del Toro’s fans

Hellboy is easily the worst films of 2019

Hellboy is easily the worst film of 2019 – Credit: Lionsgate

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“I think it failed before we began shooting because I think that people didn’t want us to make the movie,” Harbour said on Instagram this week (via Screen Rant).

“Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman created this iconic thing that we thought could be reinvented and then [fans] certainly — the loudness of the internet was like, ‘We do not want you to touch this.’ And then we made a movie that I think is fun and I think had its problems but was a fun movie and then people were just very very against it and that’s people’s right but I learned my lesson in a lot of different ways.”

Do you think he’s right? Personally, I don’t but because I’m a fan of the Del Toro movies, I might not be very impartial.

What do you make of this story?

Do you agree with him? Do you think David Harbour’s Hellboy movie failed because of Guillermo Del Toro fans?

Let us know in the comments below.

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