Hawkeye Set Photos Reveal First Look At Hailee Steinfeld In Kate Bishop’s Costume


We’ve now had our first look at Hailee Steinfeld in her full Kate Bishop costume on the set of the Disney Plus show, Hawkeye. This was revealed by XRealm Matthews on Twitter.

It was touch-and-go for a while there as far as whether Hailee Steinfeld would be in the show as Kate Bishop or not. Thankfully, Disney and Apple ended up sorting out their contractual issues.

Steinfeld is also in an Apple TV+ show called Dickinson and in her contract for that show she had a non-compete clause which meant that she couldn’t go and star in a show for a competitor, and Disney Plus is very much one of Apple TV+’s main competitors. However, they must have sorted it all out as she’s currently on the Hawkeye set and is in full Kate Bishop costume. And she looks just great!

Check out Hailee Steinfeld in full Kate Bishop costume on the Hawkeye set


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Credit: XRealm Matthews /Twitter

I really like what they’ve done with Kate Bishop’s costume in the Hawkeye show. They’ve kept the essence of it. It’s still purple and looks great. However, they’ve made it less revealing and more practical which I think is the right way to go.

I do love Kate Bishop in the comics, however, her costume isn’t the most practical nor the most protective. Its definitely a comic book costume in the comics, and they’ve updated it here for the Hawkeye TV show and the MCU. I can’t wait to see Hailee Steinfeld play Kate. She’s just perfect for the role.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Hailee Steinfeld play Kate Bishop in Hawkeye? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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