Gwyneth Paltrow Awarded $1 In Ski Crash Lawsuit


The Ski Crash lawsuit of Gwyneth Paltrow against Dr. Terry Sanderson ended with the jury awarding the actress $1 stating the doctor was 100% at fault. The 2016 collision came to a conclusion, with the jury favouring Paltrow’s claim.

While the earlier proceedings got public attention mainly because the actress chose to use specs that likened her to a serial killer, it’s perhaps indicative of the public impression of the situation overall. Could people have already had the impression that she is ultimately going to win the case and thus resorted to checking her fashion sense instead?

Gwyneth Paltrow defended her stance that she was not at fault during the encounter with Dr. Terry Sanderson. Back in 2016, a collision between the two parties occurred at Deer Valley Ski Resort. Sanderson claimed that Paltrow was at fault resulting in his physical injuries including head trauma, broken ribs and others.

Initially, the doctor filed the lawsuit demanding $3.1M in damages which was later amended down to $300K. Meanwhile, Paltrow defended her side with a counter-lawsuit stating that the collision was actually the doctor’s fault. Her counterdemand is to claim $1 from the doctor.

The proceeding took less than the eight days that was expected, and earlier reports indicate that Paltrow had testimony from medical professionals and Gwyneth Paltrow’s children.

Gwyneth Paltrow Awarded $1 For Her Troubles

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Independent posted the verdict of the case from the jury where Gwyneth Paltrow was awarded $1 and further stated that the retired optometrist was 100% at fault for the incident. The video posted featured the verdict being read in court.

Was Gwyneth Paltrow at fault?

Did Terry Sanderson’s fault cause Gwyneth Paltrow harm?


What percent of fault do you assign to Terry Sanderson?


Damages. What amount fairly compensates Gwyneth Paltrow for economic damages?


Signed March 30th 2023.

The judge randomly called a member of the Jury, Juror 19, to confirm whether it was their verdict, and the juror confirmed it was.

Elated whispers can be heard from the side behind Paltrow’s camp while Sanderson looks completely defeated. Social media was quick to pick up photos from the scene where Paltrow approached Sanderson, seeming to have bid the accuser goodbye.

Gwyneth Paltrow appeared for the verdict reading without the Dahmer glasses. This time she chose a deep purple suit and quietly awaited the completion of the proceedings.

Perhaps it was also the amount in which she asked for her compensation for the damages the collision got her that the jury thought her claim had more weight. Going through the trial as the defendant of the proceedings will definitely hurt the reputation of any celebrity.

Back in 2016, the actress already denied being at fault. She believed that Sanderson was exploiting her status as a celebrity. To her, Sanderson appears to be in it just for the money.

Already the initial claim of millions, then amended and reduced to a fraction of it, does not look favourable for Sanderson. Claiming the collision was the actor’s full responsibility is also flawed considering the ski resort’s rule with regard to ‘right of way’.

Gwyneth Paltrow Wins $1 Ski Crash Trial

Gwyneth Paltrow Awarded 1 US Dollar After Ski Crash Accuser Deemed To Be At Fault

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Pictures after the verdict reading are circulating online. Gwyneth Paltrow could have asked for more damages considering she got subjected to some ridicule over the proceedings, not to mention the fact that because of the lawsuit, the public got an impression that may be unbecoming of her station as a celebrity.

More importantly, her children had to make statements regarding the dispute. But she did not take any of those into consideration. Most likely, she opted to just get things over with as soon as possible and counter-filed for her damages at $1.

Of course, both parties will have to cover their own representation fees, courtroom fees and other expenses throughout this process. Paltrow won’t have difficulty covering her bills. Sanderson may not be sharing the same situation.

@popbase posted the pictures online, stating:

Gwyneth Paltrow whispered “I wish you well” to Dr. Sanderson, the man who sued her over ski crash, as she left the courtroom with her $1 victory.

Many who have followed the proceedings state that the doctor had no chance of getting the jury’s vote. Online commenters take to Paltrow’s defence and commend her for taking a stand against “cash grab” efforts. They said that the proceedings clearly showed that the plaintiff was a liar, and some even said he was unhinged. There were those saying it should soon be “a movie on Hulu”.

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