GOTG Vol 3 Started Out As A Rocket And Groot Movie

GOTG Vol 3 Started Out As A Rocket And Groot Movie

There’s no stopping GOTG Vol 3 from arriving in theatres worldwide tomorrow which for a time, could have just been a Rocket and Groot movie. Writer-director James Gunn shared the beginnings of the story that is now the final instalment to the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise of Marvel Studios. That is, for this particular team of Guardians.

Prior to the very first Guardians movie that Gunn wrote and directed, he was already keen on solidifying the backstories of each member. The very first one got to develop was for Rocket as he wanted to tone down the ‘goofiness’ of the character when he first saw the concept art that Marvel showed him.

Drama or sad stories have always been believed to be behind comedies. Thus, after Gunn’s revelation of the development for the Guardians, it was even more evident that the ragtag band of misfits had a not-so-happy life before they found each other. And for Rocket, it could even actually be on the traumatic side instead of just ‘unfortunate’ and sad.

GOTG Vol 3 Started Out As A Rocket And Groot Movie

Credit: Marvel Studios

What’s more, Gunn reveals that Rocket was the prime character in his mind as he thought of the group. It wasn’t actually Quill that got him hooked to the story he eventually started to develop. In fact, in his mind, he had to just tell Quill’s story first before he got to bring Rocket’s story forward.

And that is what’s actually going to happen for the third movie. By this third full length feature, Quill’s story has already been well-told. Audiences got to know of his childhood, his biological parents, his adoptive father, his chosen family and even the love of his life. In terms of self-actualization, Quill already knows his place in the galaxy.

Drax’s story as a fighter who is incapable of figurative speech has also been brought to a closure. He was able to face and defeat Ronin in the name of the family he lost. Mantis only wanted to belong to family and she found it with her half-brother Quill and siblings she practically chose. Groot is already growing up to be the protective youngest brother.

Nebula and Gamora have just re-started their journey to re-establishing their connection as sisters.

Now it’s time to put the spotlight on to Rocket.

GOTG Vol 3 Was Originally A Rocket And Groot Movie

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An article from Gizmodo discloses the steps James Gunn made in order to reach the point of telling Rocket’s story. Originally, he thought of it as a Rocket and Groot movie. It’s undeniable that the two characters of the Guardians have made the closest bond.

The first Groot gave his life in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 to protect the crew. Rocket was most devastated after his sacrifice. And because he couldn’t bear to leave without taking something from what remains of his best friend, he got a twig and from that he made it possible to grow Baby Groot. The sapling even became his apprentice of sorts in his work as the crew’s weapons specialist.

Talking to io9, Gunn revealed:

My pathway into the Guardians initially was Marvel talked to me about perhaps doing Guardians of the Galaxy. They actually had some art already done with Rocket in it. And I thought, ‘Boy, this can be goofy. This could be like Bugs Bunny in the middle of The Avengers.’ I’m like, ‘How can I not make it goofy?

Gunn shared how he developed what the world now knows about the crew. He said:

And I thought about, ‘Well, okay, if there was a talking space raccoon, how would he have come to exist?’ And as I mused upon it, I started thinking about how this was the saddest creature in the universe, and that was actually the seed to me for the entire Guardians trilogy.

The sadness was what brought the core together. He further explained:

That was my way into it, this underpinning of just isolation and sadness, and all of these characters are isolated and sad. So I knew what Rocket’s backstory was from that moment before I had come up with the rest of that stuff for Vol. 1. It was the first thing I came up with.

GOTG Vol 3 Could Have Been A Rocket And Groot Movie

GOTG Vol 3 Started Out As A Rocket And Groot Movie

Credit: Marvel Studios

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Finally, the writer-director disclosed that he had to keep this story card close before laying it out bare for all to see. To make the narrative easier to ‘digest’ he needed to tell Star-Lord’s story first. He stated:

I always thought it was a third movie thing because I thought we had to tell Peter Quill’s story first and then get into Rocket’s story. I think the only question was, was it going to be a Rocket and Groot movie or was it going to be Guardians 2—because initially, I was going to do it as Rocket and Groot.

A spin-off movie about Rocket and Groot would have definitely been fun. And if that did happen, we wonder what could have been another storyline for GOTG Vol 3?

GOTG Vol 3 Started Out As A Rocket And Groot Movie

Credit: Marvel Studios

With what finally reached the mainstream for Guardians of the Galaxy, the connection between the characters has always been clear. If anything, that connection only grew stronger after every instalment including the Holiday Special last December.

It is only a matter of hours until the world gets to know the movie that will close the Guardians of the Galaxy chapters for the MCU.

What do you make of the information that GOTG Vol 3 could have been a spin-off Rocket and Groot movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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