Godzilla Vs Kong’s Release Date Has Been Moved Forward

Just a few days ago we reported Warner Bros. and Legendary were hashing out an agreement for changes to their Godzilla vs Kong release. And today it appears this has been finalized. The ramifications most likely affect other releases in their 2021 slate.

Ever since Warner Bros. Pictures announced their deal to stream new film releases in 2021, along with cinematic openings, drew huge criticism. Mostly due to it not being agreed or discussed with production companies & stars beforehand.

Previously a $200m deal with Netflix and Legendary was blocked by the studio, which caused further fury when Warner Bros. Pictures plan was announced. However, as part of their agreement hashing out finances and preventing a lawsuit, they’ve agreed to push the release date of Godzilla vs Kong to March 26th, rather than May 21st (via Deadline).

There Are Two Positives From Godzilla Vs Kong’s Move

Godzilla Monsters Kong

Credit: Legendary

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The agreement has two positives, the first, HBO Max is still struggling for subscribers in the US and is now offering discounted deals to lure subscribers. This is another incentive for people to sign up to the service against the ever-increasingly dominant Netflix/Disney Plus services.

The second positive is, as the previous picture Godzilla: King of Monsters only took $110.5m stateside. And by all accounts underperformed, it’s an easy way to mitigate losses. With the vaccine roll-out underway worldwide, there’s no guarantee still that come the previous release of May, it would perform well in the climate.

Major Money Needed From China

Godzilla king of the monsters

Credit: Legendary

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With most Asian markets open, particularly China, Warner’s and Legendary will be looking to see a great return from those markets.

A Dune Deal On The Cards?


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

This isn’t the first film in the slate to move and probably guarantees a deal will be made for Legendry’s other picture, Dune. Director Denis Villeneuve is adamant about seeing a cinema release for the film and a deal hasn’t been agreed yet.

The Many Saints of Newark, The Sopranos’ prequel release was originally scheduled for March 12th and has been moved to September 24th. Questions remain just on how successful Godzilla vs Kong will be and just what financial agreement has been made.

No Marketing. No Trailer For Godzilla Vs Kong?



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With a release just under 2 months away, we’ve yet to see a trailer. We’ve yet to see a full teaser. Marketing materials will need to be re-made and pushed through the corporate back and forth to get approved. Fast.

A trailer is probably now close to dropping with the release date confirmed, you have to predict this release will signal the end of the franchise. Financially it’s going to be incredibly difficult to see it make another profit to generate cause for a further sequel.

What are your thoughts on the move? Are you excited for Godzilla vs Kong? Let us know in the comments below.

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