Florence Pugh Eyed For Rapunzel In Live-Action Tangled Movie


The buzz in the entertainment world is palpable as rumours swirl about the casting for Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Tangled. At the heart of these whispers is the talented Florence Pugh, who is reportedly being eyed for the iconic role of Rapunzel (according to World Of Reel). Adding to the intrigue, renowned director Baz Luhrmann is also reportedly in talks to helm the project.

Let’s get into the weeds of this rumour that’s making the rounds on the Internet.

Florence Pugh’s Meteoric Rise


Credit: A24

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Pugh’s journey in the film industry has been nothing short of remarkable. Since her captivating performance in Lady Macbeth in 2016, she has been on an upward trajectory. 2019 proved to be a pivotal year for the British actress, with standout roles in critically acclaimed films like Little Women and the eerie Midsommar.

Pugh and Disney: A Growing Relationship

Florence is no stranger to the Disney universe. Her dynamic portrayal alongside Scarlett Johansson in Marvel Studios’ Black Widow and her appearance in the Disney+ series Hawkeye have cemented her place in the Disney family. Given this existing rapport, the rumours of her potential casting in Tangled seem all the more plausible.

Baz Luhrmann: A Visionary at the Helm?


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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According to Toonado.com, Baz Luhrmann, the visionary director behind masterpieces like Elvis, Moulin Rouge! and The Great Gatsby, is in discussions to direct the live-action Tangled. Known for his flamboyant and visually stunning storytelling, Luhrmann’s potential involvement promises a unique and grand retelling of this beloved fairy tale.

Tangled: A Decade-Old Gem


Credit: Disney

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A decade ago, in 2010, Disney graced the world with the animated masterpiece, Tangled. The film was not only a commercial success, grossing over £157m ($200m) in the US and a staggering £466m ($592m) worldwide, but it also resonated deeply with audiences and critics alike. Celebrated for its engaging characters, enchanting music, and compelling storyline, Tangled secured its spot as the eighth highest-grossing film of 2010. Mandy Moore’s voice performance as Rapunzel was particularly lauded, making the role a coveted one for the live-action adaptation.

The Internet Reacts

The potential casting of Pugh as Rapunzel has set the internet abuzz. Over the past days and weeks, discussions, debates, and speculations have flooded social media platforms and online forums. Fans are eagerly awaiting an official announcement, with many voicing their support for Pugh to don the long, magical locks of Rapunzel.

Fans of Pugh have even started an online petition on Change.org calling for Disney to cast the actress in the role!

Final Thoughts on Pugh playing a live-action Rapunzel in Tangled…


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The world of cinema is always rife with anticipation, especially when it comes to casting iconic roles in beloved stories. Pugh, with her undeniable talent and growing rapport with Disney, seems like a fitting choice for Rapunzel. While we await official confirmation, one thing is certain: the live-action adaptation of the iconic animated movie is already generating immense excitement. Whether you’re a die-hard Tangled enthusiast or a Florence Pugh fan, the potential union of the two promises cinematic magic.

What do you make of this rumour? Do you think that Pugh would be a good choice for the role in a live-action Tangled movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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