Five Underrated Disney Movies You Can Watch on Disney Plus

Disney has been responsible for making some of the most beloved movies of all time. The Lion King, Peter Pan and Moana are just a few to exist within their incredible catalogue. However, there are a fair number of movies from Disney that are often overlooked or underrated and they hardly seem to ever get any love or attention.

So, we have pulled together five movies that are available on Disney Plus that are certainly worth re-watching or possibly even watching for the first time.



Credit: Disney

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A fantastic tale that is centred around personal discovery and fulfilling your own destiny.

It follows the story of Hercules – the son of the Greek god, Zeus, who gets turned into a half-god, half-mortal being by the hellacious villain, Hades.

Whilst he’s growing up on the earth, Hercules discovers his immortal heritage once he realises how different he is to everyone else around him. This then leads him on the ultimate quest that is jam-packed with many moments of action, laughter, sadness and so much more.

Hercules is an excellent story that almost feels like a coming of age film. It features memorable characters like, Phil – a satyr who helps train Hercules, Pegasus – Hercules’ winged horse, and Megara – a young woman who heavily plays Hercules’ emotions.

However, the most memorable character is certainly Hades, the ruler of the underworld and quite possibly Disney’s funniest villain of all time (it probably helps that he’s voiced by James Woods too).

Oliver & Company

oliver and company disney

Credit: Disney

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Disney’s animated take on the Charles Dickens classic, Oliver Twist, Oliver & Company follows the story of an orphaned kitten who comes across and joins a pack of vibrant street dogs in New York.

Even though, much like most Disney movies, it is aimed predominantly towards children, it does tackle some serious issues that you wouldn’t really expect to see pop up within a kid’s movie.

The man who looks after the street dogs is majorly in debt after he borrowed a large amount of money from a loan shark. After Oliver (the kitten) gets adopted by Jenny – a little girl who is part of a very wealthy family, the loan shark kidnaps both the girl and Oliver and holds them for ransom.

You then get treated to an epic wild chase that takes place within the colourful streets of New York, as the gang of streets dogs and their owner venture out to save both Jenny and Oliver.

Oliver & Company also happens to contain a colourful and bright soundtrack that features music icons, such as Huey Lewis and Billy Joel.


enchanted underrated Disney movie

Credit: Disney

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One extremely overlooked modern Disney great is Enchanted. Starring Amy Adams, James Marsden and Patrick Dempsey, Enchanted features an incredible love story that truly captures the magic that Disney has been producing on the big screen for decades.

Adams stars Princess Giselle, who has been banished from her kingdom (an alternate reality) by her lover, Prince Edwards’ evil stepmother, Queen Narissa.

Giselle ends up getting transported into the real world and winds up in New York where she meets a lawyer, (Dempsey).

As Giselle begins to settle into the real world, Prince Edward journeys to New York too, in order to be reunited with his one true love. But the more comfortable Giselle becomes with the real world, the more she doesn’t want to leave…

The story ends up becoming quite the love triangle and it even gives most romance films a run for their money. Adams really shines as Princes Giselle, you instantly get drawn into her hyperactive and positive personality that sticks with you throughout the entire movie.

There are some pretty catchy songs that feature in this movie too. That’s How You Know, being the most memorable track due to its catchy rhythm and because it’s most likely going to get stuck in your head for a while after you finish hearing it for the first time.

The villain, Queen Narissa also happens to be quite the badass too. Pretty much every scene she’s involved in is a memorable one.

This underrated Disney movie is a definite must-watch on Disney Plus!

Treasure Planet

treasure planet disney plus underrated Disney movie

Credit: Disney

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In 2002 Disney released an animated adaption of the classic Robert Louis Stevenson tale – Treasure Island.

However, this version was slightly different. Instead of being set on Earth, it takes place in a futuristic universe which is full of fascinating planets, alien worlds and flying pirate ships.

It follows the story of Jim Hawkins – a troubled teen who is often getting into trouble, mostly because of his hobby of soul-surfing (a combination of sky and windsurfing).

Jim believes in fantasy and he wishes that he could leave home and go on exciting adventures, just like the ones from the books he used to read when he was younger.

When he discovers that the mythical Treasure Planet is real, Jim sets off on a wild adventure with a group of pirates to find it.

This is an extraordinary film, full of great moments and terrific character development.

Certainly a hidden gem within Disney’s catalogue, so go and watch the underrated movie on Disney Plus now if you haven’t seen it yet!

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

bedknobs and broomsticks disney plus underrated Disney movie

Credit: Disney

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If you love fantasy movies like Mary Poppins or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, then Bedknobs and Broomsticks is one to add to your watchlist.

Set during the 1940s London Blitz, three children are evacuated and placed in the care in the care of Miss Eglantine Price.

Whilst settling into their new home, the children discover that Miss Price is an apprentice witch.

In exchange for their silence, Miss Price casts a spell on a bedknob that one of the children removed from their bed, when it gets reattached it will travel anywhere in the world they wish to go.

This exciting adventure includes colourful music, vibrant characters and fantasy lands.

By far the most memorable moment from this movie is when they journey to the island of Naboombu – a land full of cartoon animals who are ruled by the wild lion, King Leonidas.

Fans of Mary Poppins will appreciate this scene because of its dazzling effects and heavy similarities to the 1964 classic.

You can watch the massively underrated Disney movie Bedknobs and Broomsticks on Disney Plus right this second!

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