7 Films That Were Never Made – But Should Be

Of all the industries that have had a hard time this year, perhaps the most notable is the film industry.

Right now, filming of TV dramas, films and more is only just beginning to resume – but it’s fractured, fragmented.

There is not a lot of ‘new media’ for us to consume – just go to a cinema to see my point.

So: let’s have a think about all the films that were supposed to be made – and haven’t, but should be.

Here’s our round-up for you to all enjoy.

Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder

The Daniel Morgan Murder

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Podcast listeners loved Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder.

A two series epic, this podcast detailed a thirty-year-old story, and how a man has determinedly held those who committed an egregious act accountable for the death of his kid brother.

Just add elements of police corruption, as well as dashes of crime.

A documentary, Murder In The Car Park, aired earlier this year on Channel Four.

There is some sort of drama being written right now – but there were whispers of a potential film.

If you want to find out more meanwhile, you can listen to the podcast here – and watch the documentary trailer below.

Good Times, Bad Times

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Harold Evans died last week; a campaigning editor, he edited The Sunday Times, becoming somewhat infamous for stories such as Kim Philby, Thalidomide, the DC airliner crash, The Crossman Diaries, and many more.

Good Times, Bad Times is a book that is always recommended to journalism students. (Usually.) Rupert Murdoch took over the Times newspaper group at the start of the eighties – and this is an account of the time, including the takeover, erosion of standards, and more. Evans later left the paper, and moved to the States.

The book was set to be adapted to film around a five, six years ago – however, the company tasked with creating the film is no longer in existence.

The Simpsons Movie 2

The Simpsons Movie was released thirteen years ago – and ever since then, there have been questions of a possible sequel. However, there have been questions marks left over a potential adaptation – with several different events and conflicting accounts notes on Wikipedia. (More information here.)

His Dark Materials – The Subtle Knife

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Arriving on screens thirteen years ago, The Golden Compass was an adaptation of the Phillip Pullman book. (His Dark Materials is a trilogy of books, and the name of the first book in the UK is Northern Lights.) Lyra, a pre-teen who lives a half-wild adventure, finds herself on one Hell of an epic adventure – and one that includes witches, flying in a ballon, different worlds, armoured polar bears, and more.

Despite a stellar cast – including people such as Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman – and some special (dated) effects, this film somewhat bombed – and the second book in the series, The Subtle Knife, never made it to the big screen.

However, interest has recently been revived, due to the dramatic series adaptation by the BBC.

His Dark Materials aired last year, and was an adaptation of the first book.

With a cast including Lin Manuel Miranda and Ruth Wilson, the second series – an adaptation of The Subtle Knife, the second book – will begin airing in November.

It’s unlikely there will be a film adaptation – but the series isn’t too bad, either.

Hack Attack

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If you were around a decade ago, you may recall the phone-hacking scandal, as uncovered by The Guardian.

The fallout was, well, for want of a better word, pretty spectacular – with several high profile resignations from Downing Street to the police, as well as a trial, several investigations, and an inquiry in two parts being triggered.

Hack Attack is the book by the reporter who broke the story.

The book also traces the way in which criminal behaviour began, how it flourished – as well as recreating scenes such as the wedding of Rebekah Brooks – and a lot more.

Up until recently, there was some conversation about the book being adapted to a film – and George Clooney was attached to the project.

The latest report about the film suggests that an adaptation of Hack Attack has been scrapped – and you can find out more information here.


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Just who is Don McCullin, the man behind some of the most iconic images of the twentieth century? Most of us will be familiar with photographs such as that of the shell shocked solider – but maybe it’s time to reverse the camera, and focus on the photographer for a change.

Firth Street Films produced the documentary McCullin, which took a cinematic look at the life of Don McCullin – as well as looking at themes such as being haunted, and do we have a right to effectively intrude on the lives of people, to document something completely outside of their control?

A film has been debated for years, a source tells me – but has yet to become more than just an idea.

The Family Guy Movie

family guy films that weren't made

Credit: Fox

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Love adult humour? You may be a fan of Family Guy.

Known for it’s risqué and sometimes raunchy, off-colour jokes, the franchise is among one of the longest-running animated series that has ever been made.

But talks of a film, an extended movie, as well as rumour have been circulating for a long, long time.

One problem that has been speculated on at times include the question of how to turn a pithy, snappy plot – that takes roughly twenty, thirty minutes of screen time – into something that’s longer, extended, while not letting any of Family Guy’s core essence go?

Whatever happens, happens.

There may never be a film – but there are new episodes being made all the time.

Maybe it’s time to binge-watch?

Gladiator 2

films that were never made

Credit: Universal Pictures

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While the first Gladiator film reached critical acclaim, the plot details of the second instalment were ….. odd, to say the least.

The topic of a *ahem* resurrection has also been mentioned on various internet articles.

Think of that what you will.

What do you make of this feature?

Which films never got made that you wish did get made?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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