Disney Plus Has Been Hacked As Thousands Of Accounts Are Available To Buy On The Dark Web

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been revealed that Disney Plus has just been hacked, which is really bad news for Disney and its customers, and it’s probably a good thing that we’re having to wait so long to get it in Europe and the UK.

Disney Plus is the biggest thing to happen in 2019 as far as entertainment is concerned. Disney’s streaming service was something that people have been waiting for for quite some time, and now thousands of people have been left with no accounts after they’d been hacked and put on the dark web for sale.

This is easily the worst thing that could happen to Disney because it shows that their security is really not up to scratch.

It’s a bit of an embarrassment, and thousands of people have been left on the phone for hours trying to contact someone at Disney to figure out what’s going on with their accounts.

It probably means that Disney is going to have to offer these people some sort of reimbursement as an apology to try and save face and counteract some of the negative PR they’re getting because of this Disney Plus hack.

Disney Plus has been hacked, and people are pissed

Disney Plus' UK release date have been revealed

Disney Plus has been hacked – Credit: Disney

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According to ZDNet.com, thousands of user accounts went on sale on the dark web, and this happened literally hours after the service went live.

Hackers have been selling Disney Plus account for as little as $3, which come to roughly £2.30.

A Disney Plus subscription in the US, Canada and the Netherlands costs $7 a month, which comes to £5.40.

So, it does seem as though the hackers aren’t doing this for profit. They’re just doing to annoy Disney and its customers and cause some havoc in the House of Mouse, and it looks like they’ve succeeded.

What do you make of this? Has your Disney Plus account been hacked? If so, let us know in the comments below and we’ll try to get an answer out of Disney regarding what their next steps will be.

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