Fans Are Taking To Twitter To Thank Ben Affleck For His Portrayal Of Batman

Fans of the Zack Snyder DC Comics movies have taken to Twitter to thank Ben Affleck for his portrayal of Batman in those movies.

I’ve said this time and time again, but I am a huge fan of Ben Affleck’s take on Batman in the DCEU.

He first played Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and then went on to play the character in Suicide Squad and Justice League.

Anyway, there have been rumours that Ben Affleck might return to the role in The Flash movie.

This might have lead fans to take to Twitter today to get the hashtag #ThanksBatfleck trending.

Check out some of these tweets below.

Fans are thanking Ben Affleck for his Batman performances


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There are so many more tweets like these ones out there.

As I mentioned above, this outpouring of love for Batfleck might have something to do with the rumours that Affleck might be returning to the Batman role.

He’s been spotted outside recently and he looks in a lot better shape than he was in previously.

Ben Affleck is also rumoured to be in talks with Warner Bros. Pictures to return to the Batman role.

Honestly, I would really love to see Ben Affleck return to the role and then get to meet Michael Keaton’s version of the role.

It could then end up culminating in a sort of Batman: Into The Batman-Verse movie.

This movie could feature Keaton, Affleck, Robert Pattinson and maybe even Christian Bale all as different Batmen from different Earths in the Multiverse.

What do you make of this news?

Did you enjoy Ben Affleck’s performance as Batman in the DCEU?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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