Extraction’s Ending Explained – Is Tyler Rake Still Alive?

Extraction came to Netflix this week and fans are already discussing the film’s ending and debating whether Chris Hemsworth’s character, Tyler Rake is still alive.

I really enjoyed the movie, and I know many of you did as well.

There’s been a lot of chatter on the Internet about the film and it’s received some positive reviews from critics.

It’s a really solid action movie with some incredible action set pieces.

One of the things that got people really talking was the end of the movie.

Before I got on, I have to warn you that there are SPOILERS for Extraction in this article.

Then again, if you’re reading it, then you probably want to know about the ending.

The movie ends with Rudhraksh Jaiswal’s character Ovi diving into a pool and then reemerging to then spot a blurry figure standing at the edge of the pool.

Was that Tyler Rake at the end of Extraction?


It does seem as though this is Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake at the end of Extraction – Credit: Netflix

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This figure is clearly a white male and he’s wearing a kaki jacket which looks a lot like the sort of clothes Tyler Rake wore in the movie.

He had his hands in his pockets and it also looks like he’s wearing sun glasses.

You might remember that Rake wears sunglasses at the beginning of the movie.

Honestly, I think it has to be Rake because why have this scene in the movie at all if it isn’t him.

It just wouldn’t make sense to have this scene in the movie and it not be Rake.

Some people may say, “But Rake was shot in the neck and then ended up falling into the river.”

Yes, these people would be right. It would seem to be virtually impossible for someone to survive all of that.

However, this is Tyler Rake we’re talking about. This guy killed so many people single-handedly.

Will there be a sequel?


Chris Hemsworth gets to flex his action movie muscles in Extraction – Credit: Netflix

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There’s also the fact that there have been rumours that Netflix is keen to make a sequel to Extraction.

There have even been reports that they want Oscar Isaac to star as the film’s villain.

I don’t think they would have added this final scene if they didn’t want to make sure they could make more Extraction movies.

They would also like Chris Hemsworth to be able to return and there would be more interest in a sequel rather than a prequel.

We kind of know everything we want to know about Tyler Rake’s past.

He was a mercenary who’s son died and he obviously did some shady stuff.

Tyler also saved David Harbour’s character, Gaspar from certain death.

I’m not so sure if viewers would be too interested in a movie about all of that stuff.

I think that Extraction’s ending seems to hint at a sequel rather than a prequel.

As mentioned above, the fact that the scene is even there means they’ve been thinking about what they could do next.

What does Extraction’s ending mean for future films?


Chris Hemsworth is actually very good as Tyler Rake in Extraction – Credit: Netflix

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Netflix has been trying to make successful film sequels for a while now, yet they haven’t really taken off.

We’ve been waiting for Bright’s sequel for years, and it just hasn’t happened.

I think that Netflix might be more willing to greenlight an Extraction sequel.

The positive reaction and the fact that Sam Hargrave has proven himself to be a more than capable director would help to convince Netflix to get Extraction 2 greenlit.

There’s also the fact that Chris Hemsworth would be more than willing to come back for another one.

Then there’s the added aspect of having the Russo Brothers involved as producers.

I’m pretty sure they would all be very willing to work on another Extraction film.

If they could get the likes of Oscar Isaac to star as the villain then I think even more people would want to watch it.

The one thing the movie lacked was a really good and memorable villain.

What do you make of this article?

Do you think that Tyler Rake was the figure at the end of Extraction?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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