EXCLUSIVE: Matthew Vaughn And Mark Millar Working On A Live-Action Superman: Red Son Movie

It’s been revealed to us by multiple sources that a Superman: Red Son movie is in the works with Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar producing.

This is something that’s come to us from multiple different sources and I didn’t want to write anything before I got some more information first.

Superman: Red Son is a comic book that Mark Millar wrote back in 2003.

It takes the whole mythos of Superman and turns it on its head.

The whole premise of Millar’s Superman story can be boiled down to one central premise: “What if Superman had been raised in the Soviet Union?”

That is such an interesting question to me personally, and I believe it resulted in Millar writing one of the best Superman comic books for all time.

A Superman: Red Son live-action movie is in the works


Credit: DC Comics

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Superman: Red Son has already been made into an animated movie.

It came out this year, March 17th, 2020 to be exact, and it was pretty good.

However, my sources have now informed me that WarnerMedia and more specifically Warner Bros. Pictures wants to take this idea and turn it into a live-action movie.

Here’s what one of my sources told me (I always ask my sources if they can be direct quoted first):

Warner Bros. Pictures is working on a Superman: Red Son movie. It’ll be live-action and Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn are both involved.

A second source then added:

Superman: Red Son is in the works. Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar are producing it and Millar is overseeing the screenplay.

Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn are working together… again


Credit: DC Comics

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I did ask these sources whether Vaughn would be directing the movie.

They told me that that decision hasn’t been made yet.

However, he will be producing the film.

One of my sources did say that at the moment it’s unlikely that Vaughn will direct the film himself.

However, that could change further down the line.

I also asked who was actually writing the screenplay, since one of my sources only stated that he would “overseeing” it.

There weren’t able to confirm that bit of information yet.

Yet, I’m waiting for a response regarding that question.

J.M. DeMatteis wrote the screenplay for the animated movie, and it could be interesting to see him get a crack at the live-action film.

Warner Bros. Pictures are making more live-action DC Comics movies

Red Son Superman DC Comics

Credit: DC Comics

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Another question I had was whether Superman would be played by Henry Cavill.

I actually got a response from one of my sources regarding that question:

No. This won’t be Henry Cavill’s version of Superman. Warner Bros. wants this to be a standalone movie, separate from the main DC films.

This is really interesting to me.

It sounds like Warner Bros. Pictures is looking to expand their movies that take place outside the DCEU.

Superman: Red Son could be their second movie involving one of their DC Comics characters that aren’t connected to the likes of Batman v Superman and Justice League.

One of the ideas could be to have an actor who is either Russian or had Russian heritage to play the lead role in this movie.

I will let you know as soon as I get more information and I’ll update this article.

It’s worth mentioning Mikey Sutton at Geekosity reported on July 4th that Mark Millar was working on a Superman: Red Son movie starring Henry Cavill.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to seeing a Superman: Red Son live-action movie?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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