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Have you been stuck in quarantine recently after catching Covid-19? We might have something that can help you to get through the horrid virus. We are coming up to nearly three years since the inception of the dreadful Covid 19 pandemic – and with that, so much has changed in just a short amount of time. Can we be honest? This is something that has been collectively traumatic – an experience that no one would want, or could have let alone predicted.

 Being in isolation is not a fun experience by any means. While the UK has dropped pretty much every single restriction intended to control the spread of Covid 19, bar the every-so-often vaccine rollout by the season, that does not just mean that seemingly Covid 19 has disappeared. This, in all of its nasty variants, is here to stay – and the experience of being infectious is not fun. Take it from me, the writer of this piece; I have been left with a post-viral reaction that is still being treated, along with random pains and breathlessness, alongside anxiety. Fun times.

Quarantine is not fun. Being infectious is not fun. Here is a list of what to watch while in quarantine while you wait to go back out into the world. We won’t judge if you supplement this list with other shows such as Made In Chelsea or The Only Way Is Essex.

Then Barbara Met Alan

This is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer – and arguably should be watched by everyone, in the name of diversity and learning about disability-related history. Ruth Madeley is in the title role, and this is based on a true story of a couple who decide to do something about a particular broadcast that is cloaked in tokenism. It’s also written by Jack Thorne, who has other credits such as being involved with Harry Potter And The Cursed Child.

Line Of Duty

Line Of Duty has kept a feverish grip on us all from the day it was first broadcast – although the final episode was, well, controversial due to the letdown of the last twist at the end. The series looks at an anti-corruption squad of police officers … looking at the officers’ alleged crimes. Now, what could possibly go wrong? There are shock twists and turns throughout the box set, and names such as Keeley Hawes are also attached to the franchise.

Inside Man

Like Netflix (or BBC iPlayer if you live in the United Kingdom)? You will love this. This is a bite-size series that will have you gripped from the get-go, even if it is perhaps a little bit more of an acquired taste. David Tennant plays a Vicar in a quiet, suburb, tiny village – everyone knows everyone, everyone knows the Vicar, and everyone seemingly knows everything that everyone else is up to, too. Shocking events mean Tennant’s character commits something despicable act – and a young, Gen Z journalist is prompted to intervene.

She seeks the services of The Death Row Detective, played by one Stanley Tucci – a man waiting to be executed in the United States for a horrendously savage, gory act. Inside Man’s essential premise is to explore that there is not a lot separating us from becoming alike in committing terrible acts – there is a tiny amount of leeway, and our choices are what matter most. This series may be short, but it will make you think.

The Devil’s Hour

Are you of a generation that remembers Peter Capaldi for The Thick Of It, or for his tenure as The Doctor in Doctor Who? Either way, depending on your generation, The Devil’s Hour could potentially prove to be a little bit shocking. A mother is troubled by the way in which her son acts and behaves; he seems unable to connect, feel, or experience any real sense of humanity.

There are strange happenings around the household and further in her small universe, too – in that people who should not be around are, things appear before the object disappears, and so much more. Each and every evening she is awoken at the Devil’s Hour – at 33 minutes past 3:00am respectively. Why? Events come to ahead, with a kind of explanation. But can this all be sorted out prior to the body count racking up? This is an addictive watch- best watch all in one go if you can.

Knives Out


Credit: Netflix

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Daniel Craig has departed the typecasting afforded with being the quintessential gentleman that is James Bond. Knives Out – with an all-star a list cast – is the classic whodunnit with a fateful twist at the end, just with a few modern updates that you might not see in an Agatha Christie book. Asides from Craig’s… lamentable accent, this is an easy two hours spent suspended while a story plays out around you. Just hold your opinions of the ‘whodunnit’ kind until the very end – it may surprise you. And there’s always the sequel to watch later this month, too.

Bridge Of Spies

 Everyone loves Tom Hanks, don’t they? How can you not? He has been deeply embedded in our cultural wallpaper for so many years and for so many seasons – be it the romcoms of Nora Ephron, the seasonal masterpieces like The Polar Express, or more gritty efforts like Saving Private Ryan, Captain Philips, and others.

Bridge Of Spies is relevant to today for multiple reasons, especially when it comes to Cold War-related history; the story of Francis Gary Powers is at the heart of this epic feature, and the visuals of reconstructing this era are stunning. The negotiation of his release takes place across a host of locations – Russia, East Germany, the US – making for an easy going, yet educative watch.

His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials is a bestselling trilogy of books authored by Philip Pullman that have been loved for generations – and the BBC finally agreed to adapt them into a series. (Just forget about the poor feature film from about a decade ago – not worth the time at all.) Dafne Keen is in the title role, and the final instalment of series 3, as in the third back, is back later this year.

What do you make of this feature? Have you watched any of these movies and TV shows whilst in quarantine? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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