Dwayne Johnson Not Returning For Fast And Furious 10


Blockbuster star, Dwayne Johnson, has revealed that he will not be returning to the Fast And Furious franchise, which means he won’t be in Fast 10.

Johnson revealed this during an interview with CNN and the actor hit back at the recent social media post from Vin Diesel who called for the actor to return to the franchise and fulfil a promise Diesel made to “Pablo”. Pablo is what Vin and Dwayne call the late Paul Walker.

It seems The Rock took exception to this and gave an account of what has already happened when they connected ‘not on social media’. Here’s what Dwayne Johnson had to say about Vin Diesel asking him to return to the Fast And Furious franchise for the big finale, which will be Fast 10:

I told him directly- and privately – that I would not be returning to the franchise. I was firm yet cordial with my words [and] would always be supportive of the cast and [root] for the franchise.

Dwayne Johnson is saying NO to Fast And Furious 10

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He went on to say he also informed the studio of his choice who accepted it warmly and understood. But it seems Johnson feels Diesel was trying to manipulate him and “didn’t like that he brought up his children in the post as well as Walker’s death. Leave them out of it”.

He concluded by stating he wishes all of the cast and crew “the best of luck and success in the next chapter” but it seems he’s absolutely not returning to the franchise. And Vin Diesel seems to have ensured that will never happen.

What are your thoughts? Should he return? Knowing now that he’d already said no once, was Vin Diesel wrong to tease the fans? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.


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  1. James Bond III

    The Fast franchise is very toxic. There are a lot of overly critical B celebrities there with no example to draw from as they relate to their own success or continuity of their own work consistently, instead running their ignorance with profound stupidity on full display, particularly something they could never create, duplicate or qualify for. As a funny side note, it is always amusing to watch these same jerks having a mental breakdown then come out with motivational videos on how to live like Tyrese Gibson. Tyrese is a good example of a modern-day man-child. Always running his mouth, slandering, throwing shades like a moronic twat, yapping out garbage behind your back, especially someone he doesn’t know personally. This is something real grown-ass men don’t do is talk shit about someone you don’t know. Even if you do know the person, that is something you discuss privately and directly to their face. This is why his wife left him, and I wonder if he really has any real friends who can put up with this type of dysfunction pattern of behavior. It is disingenuous to say the least, greet anyone with a fake smile then backstab them. Make you second guess becoming friends with him in the first place in such a hostile environment. No, thanks, I don’t want to be in that circle ever, or I would be next. Not to mention, this is exactly why Vin Diesel put out that Instagram and not tag Dwayne Johnson. Which is to galvanize loyal fans into shaming the rock for saying no twice and professionally. I would rather be thankful for him bringing in more audience and revenue for the franchise.

    Now, I don’t know about anyone else. Actor or not but no means NO, if you can’t accept that then you have a serious problem about boundaries. Most importantly, it tells me you don’t respect me. I will say this with all due respect, but you need to do more digging before you accuse the Rock. If Vin came at me with my “little brother” crap, while telling everyone he’s the number one action star in contrast, trying to help me out. I would have knocked his teeth so far down his ass crack. They’ll be collecting his teeth everywhere he farts. He’s just another man child, very much like Tyrese Gibson, who can’t micromanage his thoughts and is blaming other hardworking men for his stupidity and lack of maturity, nevertheless hating those rising to stardom. So much for the fake family, see through dialogue and evidence of pure jealousy. The Rock is an international megastar presently today, surpassing any mediocre level of action superstars in the business, including Vin Diesel. This squabble might have upset him when it happened, but since he moved onto bigger and better things. To name a few fun franchises to solo projects including MCU/Reboots, etc. I don’t think this fast franchise helped him much in terms of success that he already gained on his own coming in and leaving. A simple thank you will suffice because when the rock joined the franchise made over a billion in three following installments and when he left they only made 724 million while the spin-off made 786 million. In fact, you can tell who’s at fault here, if you’re going to ask someone like DJ who potentially will be our president someday, try not to belittle him first. Especially, seeing that he graduated from the University of Miami and not some nightclub.

    Vin Diesel is shady and unprofessional, nonetheless, he did admit to it that he was genuinely trying to get the best performance out of Dwayne in a fucking action movie about fast cars. I don’t remember Vin Diesel winning an Academy Award for his acting. In fact, I am sure he didn’t graduate college before he dropped out just after a semester. Vin got some type of superiority complex that comes in late and makes the crew wait all day. Every crew member thanked Dwayne for addressing the issue. Naturally Vin’s buddy Tyrese, on the other hand, backed him up. Who also hated DJ for accepting the spinoff offer, and no one offered him a spin-off. They both wanted to control Dwayne’s thinking and decisions, unfortunately parking up the wrong tree. Dwayne is a professional, an icon. He has a team that will jump on this opportunity, which in turn benefit Tyrese getting his own spin off in a long run. But no, Tyrese had to try and twist and make it into something else uglier. He then blamed Dwayne for his financial issues and legal battles. Jesus Christ is like working with children, and I can only imagine how annoying that must have been like. No, the fast franchise is dead or dying. They should have ended the franchise when Paul passed because he was the original focal character. Now it’s becoming repetitive and need fresh new ideas or branch out. Vin Diesel knew it and took a jab at DJ for addressing it without tagging him in a post meant for him. He photoshop his picture on Instagram to looking bigger then Dwayne then belittled him, with “little brother” then used his kids and the memory of Paul Walker to get under his skin. Very childish and a manipulative douchebag. Dwayne doesn’t owe them anything; it’s the other way.

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