Dwayne Johnson Accepts His Razzie For Baywatch Like A Champ

Dwayne Johnson has posted a video on his Twitter feed in which he graciously and proudly accepts his Razzie for Baywatch. Go The Rock!

There’s no one in Hollywood right now quite like Dwayne Johnson. Not only does he always seem to be involved in successful movies, but even when they bomb he’s able to come out of them looking like a champion. In all honesty, it seems like the man can do no wrong.

He’s been coined as franchise viagra after having almost single-handedly saved The Fast & Furious, The Mummy, G.I. Joe and Be Cool even the Journey franchises. Many of these franchises may no longer be with us, but he made them a lot of money, and The Fast & Furious movies would have ended ages ago if they hadn’t brought in Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson Razzie

Dwayne Johnson is franchise viagra!

That said, not all of his movies have been hits. Case in point: 2017’s Baywatch. It was an utter flop and was ripped to pieces by the critics. However, even when things don’t go quite right for The Rock, he always comes out smiling. He was undoubtedly helped by the fact that Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle did very well at the box office and turned out to be surprisingly good.

And even when Johnson’s films bomb, they still seem to set new records. Baywatch, for instance, has a whole new category created for it at the Razzies: So Rotten You Loved It. So, naturally, Johnson took to Twitter to graciously and very proudly accept Baywatch’s Razzie win, once again proving why he’s one of the most likeable actors working in Hollywood today. Check out his video below.

Even when The Rock makes a crap movie, which Baywatch is, his star power doesn’t seem to wane. If anything, it shines even brighter.

2018’s going to be yet another huge year for The Rock with Fighting with My Family, Rampage and Skyscraper all coming to our cinema screens in 2018. He also has loads of other films in the works such as the sequel to Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, the Black Adam movie, Jungle Cruise, Doc Savage, San Andreas 2The Janson Directive, the Big Trouble In Little China remake, his Hobbs and Shaw Fast & Furious spinoff movie, and possibly even Suicide Squad 2. Could he be the man to save the DCEU? Let’s wait and see…

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