Dracula To Be Released On Blu-Ray Next Month With 20 Minutes Of Bonus Features

I’m going to reveal something which I probably shouldn’t. I love the new Dracula TV show which is a joint production between the BBC and Netflix, and we’re now learning that the Blu-Ray is going to be released later next month.

There’s something about Dracula that I really love in general. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Bram Stoker book, and I even love Francis Ford Copella’s film starring Gary Oldman as the Count.

I wasn’t really expecting much from this new Dracula series, however, the first episode really hooked me and I loved Claes Bang’s performance as Count Dracula.

The series was developed by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat who worked together on the popular BBC series, Sherlock, which turned Benedict Cumberbatch into the huge star he is today.

Here’s Netflix’s description of the Dracula series, which reads: “The Count Dracula legend transforms with new tales that flesh out the vampire’s gory crimes—and bring his vulnerability into the light.”

I think this is the perfect way to summerise the show. It’s a new take on the Dracula tale, yet they’ve managed to pay homage to the original source material and have found the perfect man to play the character.

He’s reminiscent of Christopher Lee’s version of the horror character, yet he also adds his own unique spin on Dracula which I really do adore.

BBC and Netflix’s Dracula is being released on Blu-Ray

Dracula Series Blu-Ray BBC Netflix

Claes Bang as Count Dracula in the BBC and Netflix series – Credit: BBC

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It’s now been revealed by Amazon that Dracula’s Blu-Ray will be released on February 3rd, 2020 and it’ll feature over 20 minutes of bonus features.

Here’s a list of what you will get on Dracula’s Blu-Ray release:

  • Who is Dracula?
  • Styling Dracula
  • The Score
  • Building Castle Dracula
  • The Beast Within
  • Arwel’s Set Tour
  • Audio Commentary (Episode 3) with Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, Sue Vertue and Arwel Wyn Jones

This all sounds right up my street and I cannot wait until my copy of the Dracula Blu-Ray comes through my postbox.

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