Doctor Who Star Fired After Just One Season


In a surprising turn of events, Millie Gibson, known for her role as Ruby Sunday in the legendary sci-fi series Doctor Who, is reportedly exiting the show after just one season. As per The Independent, Gibson, who debuted her role in the BBC’s long-standing series during the Christmas Day special, will not be returning for the 15th season, despite acclaim for her performance alongside the new Time Lord, Ncuti Gatwa. This unexpected change in the cast has left fans of the show both shocked and curious about the future direction of the series.

Gibson’s portrayal of Ruby Sunday marked a new era in Doctor Who, bringing a fresh dynamic to the show’s long history of intriguing companions. Her swift departure, especially after a strong debut, raises many questions about the creative direction of the series and what lies ahead for the Doctor’s adventures.

Millie Gibson’s Brief Stint as Ruby Sunday


Credit: BBC

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A Short-Lived Role

Gibson’s tenure on Doctor Who was notably brief, with her character Ruby Sunday making a significant impact in a short time. The news of her leaving the series after just one season has surprised many, given the positive reception to her character.

The Impact of Ruby Sunday

As Ruby Sunday, Gibson brought a unique energy to Doctor Who, resonating with a new generation of viewers. Her chemistry with Gatwa’s Doctor was particularly noted for its vibrancy and potential.

The Circumstances Behind Gibson’s Departure


Credit: BBC

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Creative Decisions

While details are sparse, it appears Gibson’s departure was a creative decision made by the showrunners. Such changes are not uncommon in long-running series, where new narrative directions often lead to cast reshuffles.

The Response from Fans and Critics

Gibson’s exit has sparked a range of reactions from fans and critics, many of whom were excited to see her character develop further. The decision to write her out of the series has been met with both disappointment and speculation.

The Future of Doctor Who


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New Casting Developments

With Gibson’s departure, Varada Sethu is reported to be stepping in as the new companion. Sethu, known for her roles in Andor and Jurassic World Dominion, will bring a fresh perspective to the series.

The Evolving Narrative

Doctor Who is no stranger to change, with its long history of evolving storylines and characters. The introduction of a new companion is expected to bring new dimensions to the show’s narrative.

Reflecting on Millie Gibson’s Contribution


Credit: BBC

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Gibson’s Mark on the Series

Though her time on Doctor Who was short, Gibson’s portrayal of Ruby Sunday will remain a memorable part of the series. Her performance added depth and excitement to the show’s recent season.

Legacy of Doctor Who Companions

Gibson joins a distinguished list of actors who have left their mark on Doctor Who through their roles as the Doctor’s companions. Each has contributed to the rich tapestry of the show’s lore.

Final Thoughts on Millie Gibson’s Departure from Doctor Who


Credit: BBC

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Millie Gibson’s departure from Doctor Who marks the end of a brief yet impactful tenure on the show. As the series prepares to welcome Varada Sethu as the new companion, fans can look forward to the continued evolution of this beloved sci-fi saga. While Gibson’s Ruby Sunday will be missed, Doctor Who continues its tradition of reinvention and storytelling, keeping audiences captivated season after season.

The legacy of Doctor Who is built on its ability to adapt and change, and Gibson’s role, albeit brief, is a testament to the show’s enduring appeal and capacity for growth. As the series moves forward, it remains a beacon of imaginative storytelling in the world of television.

What do you make of this news? Are you still looking forward to watching the next season of Doctor Who even though Millie Gibson won’t be in it? We’d love to hear from you.

You can stream Doctor Who on BBC iPlayer in the United Kingdom and Disney Plus in the United States.